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Saturday, December 21, 2002

December 21, 2002

Okay, so now that I've had some more time, I've managed to get a working version of the aforementioned news system (see news bits below from 12/18 and 12/19) put up (see the RCW One-Act Play web). This isn't how I intend the system to look when I adapt it for this particular location, but information will also be included in calendar form. I don't imagine that (right now, anyway) this change will be made until after January 1, but I've definitely figured out how to get it working pretty smoothly.
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Thursday, December 19, 2002

December 19, 2002

Well, I've been playing around with some stuff and ideas I got from the UMM CSci Wiki, and changing them as I found necessary to accomplish the same sort of tasks (essentially cataloging news). I've been playing with the stuff over in the testing web (it's set to be a non-public web). I've got a sort of 'merging of ideas' going on. I'd like to use a more simplistic system (such as that at the aforementioned CSci Wiki) as a base, but also be able to have the information available in a calendar-type view (the best of both worlds -- on one page). Right now it doesn't appear that the searches which comprise the UMM CSci news system will work in creating a dynamic calendar-type of thing. But, this needs more research. And this certainly wouldn't be difficult to put together in a dual-format way. We'll see what happens.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

December 18, 2002 (Post 2)

It's been a crazy few weeks! In this time I've managed to go through the last two weeks of school (including finals -- I'm done as of TODAY!), manage to work on the Cryptography final (which only took a week of spare time), make a final choice in show for the One-Act (we're doing Making Choices -- see the One-Act Wiki for more information), hold auditions, cast, have a first meeting, and get the CalendarPlugin working.

Anyway, things are going well. By far the coolest geek thing I've done (aside from the Cryptography final -- which gave the opportunity to write a brute-force factoring program (for large odd numbers) and an implementation of the Pollard p-1 algorithm to factor large numbers) was to get the calendar plugin working. It took some work, but it's got some really NEAT stuff it does. I use it most on the OneActCalendar you can see it in action there.

We'll be leaving for Christmas activities beginning Friday sometime (20 December). We'll be travelling and there...and be back home for periods of time in the middle. It should be a busy end of December, but a good end to the year nonetheless. I think that's all I have to say right now, though.

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December 18, 2002

Also, it's becoming somewhat obvious that this news page is getting on the large-ish side. I'm thinking of a way (actually, I know of a way to do this) where I'll restructure this news page, while still retaining all the old information for back reference...but only really keep the newer stuff right at hand. More to come as this progresses, but hopefully I'll get this done (perhaps over Christmastime).
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Friday, December 6, 2002

December 6, 2002

I've managed to make some time to get more GeorgePictures online. About 25 more, actually. If you're curious, check the Diffs option at the bottom of the GeorgePictures page (below the Devil navigation thing). That lists all the changes and their associated dates, etc. I also managed earlier today to add a few more PythonSkits -- but those take more time, so I only managed an additional three.
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Thursday, December 5, 2002

December 5, 2002

Well, it would seem as though much more time has passed without an update from yours truly. You have my apologies. Life has been busy, but it's finally starting to settle down (or at least there's light at the end of the tunnel). I finally managed to get the File Encryption Project complete! Miraculously, it works! Only took five weeks! Well, not five whole weeks, since I didn't always work on it, get the idea.

Once the Crypto project was complete, Seth Rowan and myself did a protocol presentation for the same Cryptography class on Digital Voting which was really cool. We had a neat paper example of one of the protocols we covered...which was pretty cool because we managed to do something backwards -- paper version of something digital. And it worked! If you're really interested in how Digital Voting (in a raw sense) works, check out the URL above.

I'm also managing to narrow down a selection of One-Act plays to use for the 2003 RCW One-Act Play. In the process, I worked on revamping the One-Act Play web for use again this year. I hope to use it much more intensely than last year in that I'll post updated schedules and information there...and hopefully get other people to add their own stuff to the schedule as necessary.

But aside from that, life is good. We got George healed up. He was the unfortunate recipient of a urinary tract infection which was causing the little guy to have little 'accidents' occasionally around the apartment. But, a week's worth of amoxicillin after a trip to the vet and lots more water seems to have done the trick. Tomorrow marks the end of the 15th week of classes...which means next week is the last week...and the next week (16-19 December) is finals. Then more smooth sailing. smile

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

November 12, 2002

Yeah, I know it's been a while. But, life's been busy. smile The latest cool things to note are this: I've got several pictures of George online now (as of 8 November) -- see GeorgePictures for more. I've also added more skits/sketches to the Monty Python Wiki as time has allowed (see PythonSkits for more).

Reason I was randomly not posting more here: I ended up (at the last minute) having to play 'acting general manager' at Subway for a week...and with classes and such above and beyond the call of the salt mine...things just didn't happen much. In other random news, I've been working on a File Encryption program for my Cryptography class. While we're being forced to reinvent the wheel so to speak with some elements of the project, I have been making progress on it...and have managed to generate some very large (and very probably prime) numbers to use as keys for the encryption/decryption. It's been interesting. smile While I haven't yet gotten this thing to encrypt anything (not quite to that point), the main math behind it is complete...for the most part. Since I hate math, it's been challenging, but it's also been a good chance to brush up on Java again in preparation for next semester (and the last CSci course I need to take).

I'm also working on choosing a one-act for this year...but that's moved almost as slow as everything else on my plate. More to come as things progress.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

October 20, 2002

I've gotten some more of the Picture Pages complete, although there are a few left looming still. I did also, however, get time to add some Monty Python Skits to the Python Web. While it's not much, it's a start...and hopefully will continue until I get time of course. And it's only the middle of October! Where has time gone?

We had an interesting weekend. I got to dress up again as the Worfle (see past pictures of Worfle) for Ma & Dad's 'haunted hayride.' We didn't get any pictures from it (to the best of my knowledge), but this year's theme was 'Alien Invasion' in which Beth and I 'abducted' a passenger of the ride, temporarily. Good times were had, and it seemed as though everyone enjoyed the production...minimalistic and thrown-together as it might have been.

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Thursday, October 17, 2002

October 17, 2002

Midterms have been survived, but just barely. What a pain in the ass those can be. But what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, or so was I told. Anyway, I've managed to get the LaserJet 5 working with the print spooler and such. All is seemingly well on that front.

I also managed to begin (which is always the hardest part) the changeover with my Monty Python Website. I got the beginnings of a new look in place (at least all the CSS if I want to make a change, it's simple). I made the transition for the Holy Grail script, but I haven't yet had a chance to put up any of the other skits...but with the Wiki, this should be considerably easier (as I get time).

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Saturday, October 12, 2002

October 12, 2002

So the week from hell is finally gone. After spending about 14 hours on a single midterm (take-home) addition to having a quiz and two other midterms in the same week...I'm a little school burnt-out right now. But it's all over now...which is good.

That brings us to the next chapter: I've got the MIO card for the network printer installed, but am having some issues getting the firmware upgraded...and also in configuring the Windows clients on the network to print directly to the MIO in the printer and not through a host machine. The cool part is that I have gotten the Linux box configured to print over TCP/IP, so half the battle is over. In the meantime, I'm attempting to get Samba set up to do a print spool/share so I don't have to use the parallel connection to the printer...but no luck so far.

Since I've got a long weekend due to fall break, I'm hoping to get some time to work on the Python website and update it for the first time in...over two years. We'll see what happens as I have a bunch of other crap going on...but I can dream. My goal is to have that site completely revamped by Christmas...or the first of the year. smile

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Saturday, October 5, 2002

October 5, 2002

Okay, so I've been really bad about updating this more often, but lots has been going on. In news of the not-so-random-but-cool, the following things have happened around me:

  • My new (used) HP LaserJet 5 finally showed up last week (October 2). It's working beautifully (even the auto-duplexer). So, I can now print out entire books automatically double-sided at 12ppm if the need ever arises. This beats much out of the whopping 3.5ppm speed of my old LaserJet IIIP (and it duplexes, too...which is just cool in and of itself). Still waiting for the network (MIO) interface, though. That'll be a cool addition as well.
  • My early Christmas present from Beth also arrived on the second of October. We now own a digital camera (and a damn fine one at that wink ) So, expect more pictures as I get the chance to post them (and the ones I've not yet got to).
  • School's still going...and getting busier in its own respect since midterms are still for the next week or so...I'm busy.
  • I'm starting to pick out (or narrow down, rather) One-Act plays for the 2003 season. It's slow progress and rather tedious, but it's why they also pay me to direct it. smile
  • I completely rewrote our local firewall rules. This was a (obviously very bad) postponed item due to time. But, I have successfully now changed the input chain to DENY by default (from the external interface)...which probably means nothing to you unless you know how IPCHAINS works. Essentially, the only services exploitable are the ones I explicitly specify now. This is obviously much better than the previous scheme of 'I'll leave it set to ACCEPT by default since I don't have time to mess with rewriting it all...and just monitor the server logs 24/7 via SSH.' While that did work and my server/router box really doesn't have many open ports, it was still somewhat nervewracking.
  • I also recently (as in, within the last two days) managed to do some reconfiguring with Apache, mostly for prettiness as opposed to functionality. But cooler is that I ACTUALLY GOT MY CACHING DNS SERVER WORKING! Previously, I had it only turned on, but automatically forwarding all DNS requests. So it basically wasn't saving any time for the localnet. So, I got it to do the caching correctly (which actually does make a pretty noticeable difference, believe it or not. Queries went from average 200-300mS to about, 11mS turnaround. Pretty significant, in a millisecond kind of way). But cooler still is that I (shortly after getting the DNS caching set up) actually set up my own domain. This is purely done for its GeekFactor (the project on this scale is mostly useless, but I can actually do it anyway...just for practice). Actually, it's done to make things behind the firewall a hell of a lot easier to use (which makes no difference to you, because you're on the other side of the firewall). But it's cool, and I'm proud. smile

The next project I would like to again tackle is DHCP. This is not something I need since I've only got (soon, once the MIO card for the printer shows up) five 'nodes' on my network (see aforementioned GeekFactor bit), but I was having some issues getting it to work properly and assign addresses to the RIGHT subnet (long story -- it has to do with the fact that my router/gateway box is also the firewall and thusly connected to TWO networks...). What I believe to be the problem behind this should be fixed now due to some network topology changes, so I'm ready to make another attempt sometime.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

September 17, 2002 (Post 2)

Still working on the addition of more pictures to the Wiki. This has been working well so's much easier to post images in a relatively consistent manner (instead of my previous half-assed pictures everywhere routine). I've added some new wedding pictures I received from some people, and I've also added some pictures of George. More to come as time allows. Most of the pictures have been uploaded, but not yet linked.
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September 17, 2002

I've managed to get about half of the pictures online so far (see Matt's Pictures), and the priority will come to getting the remainder of them online. However, I also have (on the pile) the ambition to someday (soon) update the links page to some more appropriate and current material. Stay tuned!
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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

September 11, 2002 (Post 2)

Finally I have gotten the much-needed update complete. All of the wedding pictures I was initially to put online are in place (and not all on one long page). Don't forget to stop by and look at the WeddingPictures page. I also managed (which was easy, but took some research) to get the TWiki software to let me do CSS the way I wanted -- namely, just letting me use a single stylesheet for a single web and not the whole thing. This makes more sense if you look at one of the other webs (links are in the upper right-hand corner). You'll notice that those look the same, but different.
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September 11, 2002

Another note, I hope to (within the next few weeks) get the rest of the pictures active again (and maybe get some new ones). But the update/look things are done, and that was my big hurdle for the time.
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Saturday, September 7, 2002

September 7, 2002

Finally getting the hang of some CSS stuff (bear with me if it looks horrid). Haven't quite figured out the "how to make things look the same without tables"...and I'm pretty sure I'll need to get a book with examples to really figure that out, but it is nice to be able to site-wide make changes to stuff. Still no progress on the pictures/wiki stuff, but that's the last step of many. But, it is the next step, so coming soon.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2002

September 3, 2002

Back in school for another (the fifth) year. Just working on revamping the website and also getting the much-loved pictures back online for everyone to see. Some of you may recall that I had a vast number of pictures floating around. I'm in the midst of cataloging them so that it's not all as half-assed as it once was. Please bear with me. I hope to have this project at least semi-completed in a month or two. --MZ
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