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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

September 11, 2002 (Post 2)

Finally I have gotten the much-needed update complete. All of the wedding pictures I was initially to put online are in place (and not all on one long page). Don't forget to stop by and look at the WeddingPictures page. I also managed (which was easy, but took some research) to get the TWiki software to let me do CSS the way I wanted -- namely, just letting me use a single stylesheet for a single web and not the whole thing. This makes more sense if you look at one of the other webs (links are in the upper right-hand corner). You'll notice that those look the same, but different.
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September 11, 2002

Another note, I hope to (within the next few weeks) get the rest of the pictures active again (and maybe get some new ones). But the update/look things are done, and that was my big hurdle for the time.
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