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Saturday, October 5, 2002

October 5, 2002

Okay, so I've been really bad about updating this more often, but lots has been going on. In news of the not-so-random-but-cool, the following things have happened around me:

  • My new (used) HP LaserJet 5 finally showed up last week (October 2). It's working beautifully (even the auto-duplexer). So, I can now print out entire books automatically double-sided at 12ppm if the need ever arises. This beats much out of the whopping 3.5ppm speed of my old LaserJet IIIP (and it duplexes, too...which is just cool in and of itself). Still waiting for the network (MIO) interface, though. That'll be a cool addition as well.
  • My early Christmas present from Beth also arrived on the second of October. We now own a digital camera (and a damn fine one at that wink ) So, expect more pictures as I get the chance to post them (and the ones I've not yet got to).
  • School's still going...and getting busier in its own respect since midterms are still for the next week or so...I'm busy.
  • I'm starting to pick out (or narrow down, rather) One-Act plays for the 2003 season. It's slow progress and rather tedious, but it's why they also pay me to direct it. smile
  • I completely rewrote our local firewall rules. This was a (obviously very bad) postponed item due to time. But, I have successfully now changed the input chain to DENY by default (from the external interface)...which probably means nothing to you unless you know how IPCHAINS works. Essentially, the only services exploitable are the ones I explicitly specify now. This is obviously much better than the previous scheme of 'I'll leave it set to ACCEPT by default since I don't have time to mess with rewriting it all...and just monitor the server logs 24/7 via SSH.' While that did work and my server/router box really doesn't have many open ports, it was still somewhat nervewracking.
  • I also recently (as in, within the last two days) managed to do some reconfiguring with Apache, mostly for prettiness as opposed to functionality. But cooler is that I ACTUALLY GOT MY CACHING DNS SERVER WORKING! Previously, I had it only turned on, but automatically forwarding all DNS requests. So it basically wasn't saving any time for the localnet. So, I got it to do the caching correctly (which actually does make a pretty noticeable difference, believe it or not. Queries went from average 200-300mS to about, 11mS turnaround. Pretty significant, in a millisecond kind of way). But cooler still is that I (shortly after getting the DNS caching set up) actually set up my own domain. This is purely done for its GeekFactor (the project on this scale is mostly useless, but I can actually do it anyway...just for practice). Actually, it's done to make things behind the firewall a hell of a lot easier to use (which makes no difference to you, because you're on the other side of the firewall). But it's cool, and I'm proud. smile

The next project I would like to again tackle is DHCP. This is not something I need since I've only got (soon, once the MIO card for the printer shows up) five 'nodes' on my network (see aforementioned GeekFactor bit), but I was having some issues getting it to work properly and assign addresses to the RIGHT subnet (long story -- it has to do with the fact that my router/gateway box is also the firewall and thusly connected to TWO networks...). What I believe to be the problem behind this should be fixed now due to some network topology changes, so I'm ready to make another attempt sometime.

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