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Friday, December 6, 2002

December 6, 2002

I've managed to make some time to get more GeorgePictures online. About 25 more, actually. If you're curious, check the Diffs option at the bottom of the GeorgePictures page (below the Devil navigation thing). That lists all the changes and their associated dates, etc. I also managed earlier today to add a few more PythonSkits -- but those take more time, so I only managed an additional three.
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Thursday, December 5, 2002

December 5, 2002

Well, it would seem as though much more time has passed without an update from yours truly. You have my apologies. Life has been busy, but it's finally starting to settle down (or at least there's light at the end of the tunnel). I finally managed to get the File Encryption Project complete! Miraculously, it works! Only took five weeks! Well, not five whole weeks, since I didn't always work on it, get the idea.

Once the Crypto project was complete, Seth Rowan and myself did a protocol presentation for the same Cryptography class on Digital Voting which was really cool. We had a neat paper example of one of the protocols we covered...which was pretty cool because we managed to do something backwards -- paper version of something digital. And it worked! If you're really interested in how Digital Voting (in a raw sense) works, check out the URL above.

I'm also managing to narrow down a selection of One-Act plays to use for the 2003 RCW One-Act Play. In the process, I worked on revamping the One-Act Play web for use again this year. I hope to use it much more intensely than last year in that I'll post updated schedules and information there...and hopefully get other people to add their own stuff to the schedule as necessary.

But aside from that, life is good. We got George healed up. He was the unfortunate recipient of a urinary tract infection which was causing the little guy to have little 'accidents' occasionally around the apartment. But, a week's worth of amoxicillin after a trip to the vet and lots more water seems to have done the trick. Tomorrow marks the end of the 15th week of classes...which means next week is the last week...and the next week (16-19 December) is finals. Then more smooth sailing. smile

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