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Saturday, December 21, 2002

December 21, 2002

Okay, so now that I've had some more time, I've managed to get a working version of the aforementioned news system (see news bits below from 12/18 and 12/19) put up (see the RCW One-Act Play web). This isn't how I intend the system to look when I adapt it for this particular location, but information will also be included in calendar form. I don't imagine that (right now, anyway) this change will be made until after January 1, but I've definitely figured out how to get it working pretty smoothly.
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Thursday, December 19, 2002

December 19, 2002

Well, I've been playing around with some stuff and ideas I got from the UMM CSci Wiki, and changing them as I found necessary to accomplish the same sort of tasks (essentially cataloging news). I've been playing with the stuff over in the testing web (it's set to be a non-public web). I've got a sort of 'merging of ideas' going on. I'd like to use a more simplistic system (such as that at the aforementioned CSci Wiki) as a base, but also be able to have the information available in a calendar-type view (the best of both worlds -- on one page). Right now it doesn't appear that the searches which comprise the UMM CSci news system will work in creating a dynamic calendar-type of thing. But, this needs more research. And this certainly wouldn't be difficult to put together in a dual-format way. We'll see what happens.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

December 18, 2002 (Post 2)

It's been a crazy few weeks! In this time I've managed to go through the last two weeks of school (including finals -- I'm done as of TODAY!), manage to work on the Cryptography final (which only took a week of spare time), make a final choice in show for the One-Act (we're doing Making Choices -- see the One-Act Wiki for more information), hold auditions, cast, have a first meeting, and get the CalendarPlugin working.

Anyway, things are going well. By far the coolest geek thing I've done (aside from the Cryptography final -- which gave the opportunity to write a brute-force factoring program (for large odd numbers) and an implementation of the Pollard p-1 algorithm to factor large numbers) was to get the calendar plugin working. It took some work, but it's got some really NEAT stuff it does. I use it most on the OneActCalendar you can see it in action there.

We'll be leaving for Christmas activities beginning Friday sometime (20 December). We'll be travelling and there...and be back home for periods of time in the middle. It should be a busy end of December, but a good end to the year nonetheless. I think that's all I have to say right now, though.

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December 18, 2002

Also, it's becoming somewhat obvious that this news page is getting on the large-ish side. I'm thinking of a way (actually, I know of a way to do this) where I'll restructure this news page, while still retaining all the old information for back reference...but only really keep the newer stuff right at hand. More to come as this progresses, but hopefully I'll get this done (perhaps over Christmastime).
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