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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

May 27, 2003

Another year passes...

Yup, another birthday has come and gone...and I'm as a result one year older than I was. razz (stick out tongue)

Pretty slow and relaxing weekend, which was good. Nothing overly strenuous, which was a nice change from the pseudo-chaoticness of the last several months. Still haven't managed to get all the server box stuff completed, but that's alright. Not in any huge hurry to do so anyway. smile

Let Construction Ring!

This morning at 8am sharp, I was woken by the sounds of strange things outside our bedroom window. Upon further investigation, I soon realized that the construction crew had arrived and was beginning to do their job of re-roofing/siding the building in which we live. I'd known for some time (over 9 months now) that this would be happening soon (which I found out around the first of May), but didn't know exactly when...until this morning.

So far, they've managed to get much more done (in one day) than the crew who did the building next door managed to do in two weeks. This is positive. I haven't gone outside to see exactly how much progress they've made by now (end of the work day for them)...but I know that it's pretty substantial (at least a good portion of one side of the building has been stripped...some already reshingled. More news (and possibly pictures) to come as they make progress...

Two Down, Five To Go...

I've been slated for a seven-day stretch at the salt mine (work), two of which are now complete. While I don't particularly care for that long a run without a day off, it's also okay as my upcoming paycheck will be weak...since it covers the pay period over graduation, where I worked very little. The money may not be great, but the additional hours I can get right now makes up for it in ways that taking on a second job wouldn't right now...

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