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Friday, May 30, 2003

May 30, 2003

And there were Five...

Day 5 of 7 consecutive work days is complete. Two to go... Woohoo!!!

In other news...

  • We went to see Bruce Almighty at the good ol' Morris theater tonight. I would have to say that it was money well spent -- a funny movie. Most likely will have to be added to the DVD collection at the appropriate time. smile

  • The construction crew has completed one entire side of the building thus far, and started work on another, progressing by about 1/4 on aforementioned 'new side.' When I talked to the [building] management people today, I made note of their quick and relatively painless progress on the job

  • Prior to work this morning, before running errands and such, I studied up some thanks to some HOWTO material on iptables and NAT. I have a much better grasp on the 'fine point' detail differences between ipchains and iptables now...and feel much more comfortable with being able to write a relatively robust firewall ruleset in the near future. I still have to do some more reading on things, but I found several good resources this morning...all of which are bookmarked for future reference. Once I get this material down a bit better, I plan on moving configuration files and doing the server thing.

  • In regards to the server thing, I'm stuck at a point in time where I need to discuss exactly how much RAM will remain in each machine. My personal bias is to move as much RAM as possible over to the 'services' server...leaving only a bare minimum of, say 32/64MB of RAM in the 'router' box. I need to do some research on how the resident services on the router will use resources. Disk space I have plenty of -- I'm not worried about that. But, if these resident services on the router box require good chunks of resources to operate successfully (or speedily -- new word I just invented), namely RAM...I'll have to make that judgement as to what to keep in that box as appropriate.
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