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Friday, April 18, 2003

April 18, 2003

I have decided that my extra machine (sitting off to the side currently) will be my test box for RedHat 9. I've secured my .ISOs and put them on all I need now is time (which is not looking good for that project for another month yet). But, that's what I plan to do with it...for the time being. It'll be fun to use it as a Linux workstation on occasion.

In other news, we're still making progress towards what we're now calling 'RatBastardica' -- the Rat Bastard Calculator Program we're doing in Haskell for Modern Functional Programming. We're now about two-and-a-half weeks into it (of four weeks) just beyond the halfway point. At the time we're able to do lots of interesting calculations manually. A GUI is in the process of being created, and I've been working (with Angie) on a parser which takes input of the form (function argument argument) where function is something we can do and argument is a value or possibly another function with arguments. We have to take that one big piece and chop it into smaller pieces which we can individually evaluate.

That's about all for now. Not much new...but it's that odd time of year. smile

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

April 15, 2003

I made another major change in the site today -- it has to do with overall look (and some performance).

One thing that I like a lot about TWiki in general is the header/footer information. Simultaneously, it's also sometimes what I dislike a lot about TWiki. What I like about it is the convenience. The links in the 'stock' TWiki header/footer are really convenient, mostly for navigation. There are a few pages I reference (for statistics, diffs, and preferences) which aren't linked in any other way throughout the website (for a reason). Most people don't need to see that information (nor really care). You can still find it if you want...and if that's what you want to see, go for it. I've still got this web write-protected for the general public, and even without...the RCS system will easily allow me to view any (unauthorized) changes. Anyway, that's not what this is about.

But, the main disadvantage of the stock TWiki look is the intimidation/confusion factor. There's a lot of random information, and some of it's not very helpful...especially for average Joe Web Browser. What does MZ Online TWiki . Zaskem . WebHome really mean, anyway? smile

After doing some brief research on the subject, I decided it appropriate to create my own 'Matt's Home on the Web TWiki Skin' -- customized to include the best of both worlds as noted above. It's just essentially a series of templates that I've customized to provide a good feel around here. Things still have the generic TWiki feel and MHotW feel, but in a less-intimidating and more informative way.

Major adjustments to the stock TWiki look:

  • More informative (navigationally) page titles: Matt's Home on the Web - TOPIC NAME
  • Removal of MZ Online TWiki > Zaskem > TOPIC NAME at page top, replaced with friendlier Matt's Home on the Web > TOPIC NAME
  • Customization of upper right-hand corner text ("Matt's Other Webs")
  • Automatic inclusion of sidebar and footer pages (this was originally an include I had to manually enter on each page, twice).
  • Removal of extra features links average users don't need to use (e.g. Diffs, Revision Info, Attach Link, Ref-by link, etc.). For pages where it's nice to have the diffs feature (e.g. Picture Pages), I will provide manual links to that info.
    • The main reason for removing the Diffs link at the bottom of each page is pretty simple. gets hit by several crawlers every month. While I've got the robots.txt file set up no not allow use of the /rdiff directory under /twiki/bin (as it's really server-side intense as it compares all past revisions of a given topic before serving the page and honestly isn't something necessary (in my opinion) for a crawler to index), some requests get pushed through because some crawlers ignore that file and go with whatever they find.
  • Change of where footer text is included (and size of footer text).

God bless the TWiki. smile This should be the last major change in appearance until my next major overhaul...which hopefully won't be for a year or better. smile

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Sunday, April 13, 2003

April 13, 2003

Another server box? After picking up some relatively cheap replacement parts, I've managed to get another box online on the network. Well, not completely online, but functioning nonetheless. I still haven't taken time to figure out what part of the old system was hosed (either motherboard or processor), but I'm pretty sure it was the board. Regardless, I've now got a PII/350 with 96MB RAM and a 20GB HDD set up. Currently, though, I've got it overclocked to 400, just to play a bit.

I haven't messed with it much, mostly because I don't have enough air moving through it to handle the overclocking, and secondly because I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it at the moment. It may become a dedicated backup machine eventually.

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