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Friday, May 23, 2003

May 23, 2003

Spare Parts?

It's time for some housecleaning with regards to my stockpile of spare computer parts. I've got everything from older cases to motherboards, processors, tons of RAM, drives, cables, and mounting hardware. I'll have to set up a 'testing' machine to figure out exactly what some of these parts are (e.g. RAM sizes, video card specs, etc.)...but after that, it's off to the auction block, most likely eBay or something.

Not necessarily out to make a profit on this stuff -- I just want to get rid of it. smile Well, some of it anyway.

You may ask, why? Well, first and foremost, I need to create more room in our 'office' room -- this is necessary for me to be able to (re-)build the printer/file cabinet/tv/mac housing unit. I need to redesign it to be more functional, stylish, and hold all the extra equipment necessary (servers) with the new network design. That, and it's kinda clunky the way it currently is. Also, as it stands, it's just a single, stackable piece. I am (currently) planning on creating a corner design where it's a wraparound type of stackable unit. Just a better use of space...

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

May 22, 2003

And Printing Was Good...

I've managed to (albeit slowly) get most of the server's services running, including printer support. Granted, this was made considerably easier (across the network) by the addition of the PostScript module for the printer (like a RAM module, almost). The main difference is that the Mac now natively prints to my LaserJet 5, now changed to 5M with the aforementioned module addition.

In addition, the two major remaining services to yet migrate are Samba and AppleTalk (via netatalk). These are (for those who don't know) used for file sharing between Windows and Macintosh boxen, respectively. I should really take this opportunity to set things up in a slightly better fashion than before (specificaly with netatalk), so these will also be the last things to change...and will take some time.

Then all that's left to learn is iptables, and we're good to go. smile

So progress is being made...which is always a good thing. I purchased some new case fans last week and will install them sometime in the near future. One (for sure) will make its way into the new server box, and I believe I'm going to leave one as a spare (or do some checking to see if any others are dying)...for now.

That's most of what's new right now. Until next time...

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Monday, May 19, 2003

May 19, 2003

RedHat 9 -- And It Was Good.

As you may guess by that title, progress is being made. I haven't had as much time to dedicate to this project as I'd like, but nonetheless...

Today (or this evening, rather), I managed to get things moved around into their new (albeit temporary) locations. This was necessary due to the new UPS installed. Since the hub and both servers need to be connected to this UPS unit, the old server had to be moved, as there was no room in the inn (where it was before). Now that I have all the major equipment in new places (and set up half way), I'll have an easier time designing a storage rack/shelf system for that corner of the room...

Anyway, I've managed to get the new server running DHCP services, and shut off the old server's DHCP service. Some minor changes needed to be done with the DHCP setup as well as the DNS setup to reflect changes in network topology. Now that those things are taken care of, I'm slowly migrating services to the new box, in order of importance. For instance, the (major/minor) hurdle right now is Apache/TWiki. The release of Apache under RH9 is 2.0, which is new (versus my existing 1.xx installation) I can't just copy/paste configuration files over. A little more research needs to be done...but not too much (hence major but minor hurdle). Then I need to install TWiki and its I can really call that process done.

The last major hurdle (after moving everything) will be iptables. Since I have a good solid understanding of ipchains and how it works, iptables shouldn't be that bad, but will be different. We shall see what happens.


I went to a 'truckload tool sale' next door at the Armory this morning... Was an 'interesting' experience...

They had a pretty decent selection of hand and small power tools...amongst other random stuff. Everything was pretty cheap (price)...or at least cheaper than you'd find at any Home Depot or store of similar nature. The tool quality was also reasonable, for the most part. There were some things I saw there which were just poorly made...but the average stuff was decent...heavy enough and reasonable, as mentioned.

I walked out of there with a new speed square set (large and small), some fish tape (for later running wires or such through walls), a roller stand for 'large projects' with the table saw or planer, etc., and a 10" sliding compound miter saw. The intention was to go just to check out the saw. While I didn't buy it for myself (although it would've been cool), it will come in really handy for the deck project at Ma & Dad's...hence the purchase.

But anyway, that's about it for now...

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