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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

July 23, 2003

And George's Pictures Were...Thumbnailed?

Yes, it's correct -- I have finally made it through the many, many pictures of our little demon cat. smile Make sure to check out the new version of GeorgePictures now that the changes have been made. I've also 'removed' the previous revisions and 'started clean' for that page for clarity in the future.

Aside from that, I did some more apartment painting this afternoon...and that's about it. smile More to come tomorrow, perhaps.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

July 22, 2003

Picture Update...

Well, I've finally started working on converting GeorgePictures? to the new thumbnail preview mode (as the rest of the MattPictures are). It's a pseudo-slow process, but it's necessary. We're getting somewhere...

Sadly, there's not much more to say today. razz (stick out tongue)

Fixed The Time!

After getting 'bored' and remembering this particular project (mentioned in NewsJuly1503 if I recall), I decided to tinker with Perl and the Date::Handler -> LocalTimePlugin. As it came 'stock', it didn't format the time in a way that I liked...

Changing this was somewhat complex (only in locating the right places to fix) but yet strikingly simple. man date and man strftime came in very helpful for changing 'variables' (as they were). That made the backend stuff do what I wanted (e.g. print out Jul instead of July, Aug instead of August, Tue instead of Tuesday, etc.). Making the frontend (the Plugin) do what I wanted was even simpler -- just a matter of changing the order of appearance and removing some commas, etc.

But anyway, I've also set some preferences for the plugin, so it automatically reverts to US/Central, so %LOCALTIME% will produce this: Monday, 20 August 2007, 21:43:42 (US/Central) and %LOCALTIME{US/Pacific}% will produce this: Monday, 20 August 2007, 19:43:42 (US/Pacific)

Go Me!

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Monday, July 21, 2003

July 21, 2003

Reunion Time?

Well, the magical 5-year has come and gone...and was actually a pretty decent time. I was somewhat hesitant as to what was going on/what would happen/etc., but the whole event in general (and the Sacred Heart Street Dance that evening) was a really decent time. Got to see many people (and talk to many) that I haven't seen for, well...five years. It was decent.

Return to Tools!

After being on a hiatus for some time, most of my tools have again returned to their rightful location -- here at home. I'd taken them to my parents' to help with the building of the deck project, most of which is complete (minus railings and benches). My table saw is still out there...and the only other tools I'll need to bring on return trips can fit in my tool I figured it good to bring them back. This makes me happy, as I can now again do things here at home.


This is a semi-rant type of thing, just to warn everyone. I've been putting off posting this via this medium for over a month, but I now pose the question:

What's so difficult about apologizing?

You know, sometimes people do weird and random things without thinking. And sometimes they do things in a pre-meditated kind of way. Irregardless, sometimes an apology is necessary. This is about a situation I won't get in to detail on this news system, but some who may read this know what it's in referral to. To make a long story short, I have (and others near me) been (directly, but in an indirect way) 'blamed' for a situation which has arisen. Unbeknownst to the 'blamer' (who I might add was not in the right place to make such accusations due to complete lack of tact, consideration, and information), these accusations have only made the original problem worse.

One of my biggest pet peeves is an improperly informed accusation. People, get your facts straight. Do your research. As my good friend Bob Helwig used to say (a phrase I've since adopted), 'if you can't do it right, don't do it at all.' My personal thought is along the lines of: "Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

People sometimes need to get off their stubborn asses and make the effort to correct their wrongs. In this case, a simple set of apologies would more than suffice. People also need to realize that sometimes they're going to be wrong, suck it up, deal with the repercussions, and move on.

Until that time, I have no intentions of initiating contact with said party. I will deal with contact as initiated by the other party day by day. Some may think less of me due to this, some may call me no better than the accusing party, and some may empathize; however, it is my decision...and that is how it shall be. I don't mean to hold any sort of grudge; I try my best to not do such things. I also don't consider this quite a 'grudge' situation. I can forgive and forget, but the latter is going to be much more difficult than the least for sure until some sort of apology is obtained.

I truly hope you read this and it makes you think about your (indirect) actions -- not just for the situation above, but for any situation you (as an audience) may have gotten yourselves in to. Life is too short to dick around with grudges and false accusations -- take responsibility for your actions. That's all I ask.

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