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Saturday, August 16, 2003

August 16, 2003

More...of the...same.

Not much has been happening around here, minus the perpetual business of life.

But, I have selected a finalist for production as RCW Three-Act this fall. A musical melodrama. Having read the script and perusing the lyrics (I haven't yet ordered a perusal copy of the piano score), it meets my basic requirements:

  1. Funny,
  2. Musical, but not music on each page (e.g. some roles don't require singing),
  3. Involves many people (19 individual roles, plus 'chorus' and such)

Unless the score doesn't work out for some reason, this will most likely be the production I choose to present.

The main task at hand right now is to come up with a generic rehearsal plan and choose show dates. This will give me a tentative 'start date' for well as requirements for audition times/dates. The Community Education brochure will be going out around September 1, so my personal inkling is to start somewhere around October us somewhere in the vicinity of six weekd rehearsals prior to a mid-late November (before Thanksgiving) production date.

In Other News...

Things are pretty quiet. It's been quite hot and dry over the last week...and that looks to remain the same. Last few days have been in the upper 90's. Yesterday topped the 100 degree mark. Of course, the humidity was that helped. But, as it turned out, the day got worse as it cooled down...when the humidity levels rose.

Ah could be worse, I guess.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

August 12, 2003

Long time, no see...

Yeah, I know I've been gone for some time away from here. But, things have been busy...

The Hills Are Alive...

...with The Sound of Music! We went to this production at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre on Sunday evening (the 10th). It was an excellent (and different than I'd expected) production of a well-known movie/story. All around I would have to give it high marks and would recommend seeing it done on stage at some point in time.

In addition to that, I've just been busy with the Subway scene...and awaiting preview scripts for productions. All that I've ordered have now arrived (the last of them arrived this afternoon). So, I'll be busy working on previewing scripts and hopefully selecting a show.

As a final note...

...I've noticed serious 'attacks' heading for port 135 (the Microsoft RPC port) lately. Of course, this activity is filtered out by the firewall, but there's on average one request every 5 minutes hitting my network, which is much more activity 'from the outside' than normal. Based upon a quick overlook at the Internet Storm Center (a very good resource for port security), this is not just happening to me.

What I particularly find disturbing about my particular log files is that over half of these requests are coming from the same class B network that I'm on...and when doing random reverse DNS lookups (name from IP address) on these IP addresses, I find that many of them are from the same upstream provider (e.g. my ISP's parent company -- a local telco) or from their upstream provider. This means that this has hit somewhat locally...and is not 'someone else's problem'...

Today's Lesson: Make sure to keep your systems at least relatively up to date. Not necessarily installing patches the minute they come out, but for sure within a week, especially for major issues like this.

It is times like this when I'm glad I'm not in charge of Windows servers. razz (stick out tongue)

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