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Thursday, August 21, 2003

August 21, 2003

Computer Parts!

I received the bulk of the internal parts (including case) of my latest computer build -- a big one. This is a beast of a machine going together, and it's kinda exciting to do another one. smile Too bad it's not mine!

More and More Work!

I've been working at my normal day job of course...and have been quite busy there the last few weeks...which doesn't seem to be changing least for the next week or so.

In addition to that, I've been slowly but surely setting up the Three-Act Play website for public release around the 1st of September. This is the reference people wanting to be involved with the production will have to check out. It's also been time for me to work on getting some things figured out for the show. My latest quest has been to figure out the minor pyrotechnics necessary. It's just a little bit of smoke, but needs to be done properly and it's required some research and shopping.

New Address!

This morning, just as I was about to leave for work, I got the most random call, from the 'technical folk' at my telco/ISP's parent company (a larger telco about 12 miles from here).

This guy tells me that I need to change my IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. Of course, I take this opportunity to complain a bit (in hopes of finding out exactly what's going on and why) about the service in the last few days. I've noticed very weird routing problems (only temporary in nature) at random intervals. Sometimes it's only for 20-30 seconds, other times several minutes.

Last night was particularly bad. I found myself not able to really do anything for periods of time (several minutes in nature)...consistently. So, I investigated. I found that I was unable to obtain routes out (beyond my local network). In other words, it was my ISP's problem. DNS queries worked (if I'd had them cached locally)...but if my DNS server had to do a lookup, it was hit/miss (depending upon the routing issue).

So, I ruled out DNS problems and pinned it on bad routing somewhere. I figured I'd give it another night (e.g. tonight) and call them on Friday morning (tomorrow) if it continued.

Anyway, back to the story. He then informed me that they're installing new routers and upgrading/replacing the older ones. I was one of the lucky folk to have to move. Talking 'geek' with him some more, I found out that they've been experiencing CPU load averages of 80%+ (consistently) on a few of their routers, so they're making some changes.

What I took away from this was:

  1. They're doing some load balancing (in regards to their routing),
  2. In the last week or so, but namely the last few days, some of their routers have been overwhelmed and begin to drop packets (my hit/miss issues over the last few days), and
  3. My guess is this is (more or less) directly related to all the latest worms out there.

Anyway, this evening (after doing some upgrades/patching on my servers), I changed my IP address as appropriate and so far...everything has been back to normal. My big question now (one which I forgot to ask earlier) is whether or not I'll still have a static IP address. My inkling is not, because there's no obvious link between my internal (assigned by ISP) IP address, and the public address that it resolves to. So we shall see what happens...

Until next time...

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