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Saturday, August 30, 2003

August 30, 2003

More Play Stuff

As expected, the perusal score for the show arrived on I've been looking at that off and on throughout the last few days. I also managed to pretty much "finish" the basic site this afternoon now...getting all the basic informatin straightened out and ready to go.

The community ed brochure should be going out this next week sometime...and included is a large one-page ad for the show and auditions. Included is a prominent link to the show website for more it was important to get complete by today. Now it's time to sit...and wait (and do more set designing aside from sketches).


More database chugging for me in other spare time. I've managed to create a small monster. It's definitely qualifying as 'beast' material. In fact, it's gotten so inter-mingled that I had to stop and draw things out on paper to keep myself oriented. But, it's been slow but steady progress...and that's a Good Thing. Especially if I need to have a basic (if somewhat crippled) version in operation by Wednesday.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

August 27, 2003

Yikes, almost a week...

...since my last news posting. Well, as I think I mentioned in every other news post this month, things have been busy...and this isn't stopping (at least for the next several days).

I will try harder to get more stuff up here in the form of news postings...if for nothing else but to let me ramble...

Three-Act Play!

The last week has been quite exciting in regards to the Three-Act Play this fall. I believe last week I'd mentioned that I did select a show to produce, but didn't have much in the way of definitive information. Anyway, to bring us up to speed, here's what's been settled since then:

  • Production Dates: Thursday-Saturday, November 20-22, 2003
  • Production Times: 7:30PM each night
  • Audition Dates: Monday, September 29 (3:30-5PM, 7-9PM), Thursday, October 2 (3:30-5PM), and Friday, October 3 (3:30-5PM, 7-9PM).
  • Audition Locations: Varied, 3:30-5 Auditions are held in the band room; 7-9 will be in the auditorium.
  • Admission: $5/adults, $4/students & seniors

I've also managed to (in the last week) get the better part of the Three-Act Website up and running (there will be more additions in the next week), sketch up some scene designs for the production, and write a synopsis/flyer/brochure to be mailed out to members of the communities in the area. So, needless to say...all that on top of my regular day job...and I've been busy... smile

I've got someone working on a Pianist for the show, so I don't have to directly worry about finding that...and I should have a perusal score for the show here by the end of the week.

Another Computer Build

I don't recall if I've mentioned this, but I'm now doing another computer build...this time for a business client. It will be used primarily as their data warehousing/server unit. Okay, well, data warehousing is a little bit exaggerated, but it is the server on which their customer/order/inventory database will be kept. So it's a serious build.

In addition to that, I purchased some parts for a satellite machine (to be placed elsewhere in the office) which will remotely query/modify the database. Mostly just peripherals at the time, since they've purchased an older machine from someone else to be the 'terminal'. I still have yet to see how much upgrading this machine will need in order to do what they need...but...

Oh, did I mention database? Yeah, guess I did. Well, I'm also designing and building their database system. The primary goal (to get done first) is to maintain accurate records of orders versus inventory of product. In the past, they've had issues (on paper) of keeping track of accurate inventory levels...and oversold product.

I have set up a basic inventory control system for at least they know what they've got to start with. The second goal was to accurately track orders placed, customer information, and revenue receipts. So far out of that, I've set up the basic customer information infrastructure, but not the ordering and revenue parts. There are a lot of little bits to include...and sometimes I have to sleep over it to get my head around what I'm trying to do. But, so far it's been a good journey...

Until next time...

That's pretty much what I know for the time being. I've spent a lot of time on a few projects this last I've been pretty focused on just a few items...and left the news updates for 'another time'...

We'll see what happens in the next few days. smile

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