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Saturday, September 20, 2003

September 20, 2003

Not Quite As Long...

...since the last update. I'm getting better at it. smile

Not a whole lot new since the last post. Still occasionally working on the database bit for Enestvedt's. It's slow progress, mostly because I cannot dedicate much time to the project during this next week or so.

But, in other news that's pseudo-related, I have managed to get the Enestvedt Seeds domain up. It is live, but there's not yet any content there (see Enestvedt Seeds) aside from the stock page I'm given to start an account. The important thing about the domain name is mostly on the email front right now. I've set up a few redirects for email addresses @enestvedtseeds so it goes to the right people, but mostly so that they can start using various addresses at their own domain (and not through their office ISP).

I've 'hired' my friend Kim (hi, Kim! smile ) to do some of the graphic design work for the upcoming website...mostly in logo and 'image' (overall look) creation. This isn't just for the website, though...she'll also be helping me come up with document designs and such for their entire company...which is a definite positive thing (currently each document is pretty much different in some way -- this will tie things together much better).

More About Gaslight Girl...

Effective tonight, I've finished all the major design work for Gaslight Girl -- which was a major undertaking. I had previously drawn up some brief plans for scene design, but hadn't done anything with them. As auditions are coming up in 9 days, I need to get the design stuff done so I can focus on actually beginning construction (and also have some construction drawings available) on the set and its requirements. Currently...for 'crazy' stuff involved with the scene included a bench-fountain piece (water), multiple working gaslights (electrical), and a complete 'house' structure with backlit windows. As far as actual set pieces go, there aren't all that many (fortunately there are three pieces which get reused multiple times), but there are a few large projects which will not be simple, either.

It should be a challenge, and I like that. It should also look very cool...and that will be very important as well.

I've also put together 'the bible' for the show. Previous One-Act students of mine know very well what the bible is -- my large (3") three-ring binder which is used to keep all pertinent information about the show on hand. As many have known from the past, it starts out small...but by the time of show completion, it's nearly full. smile But anyway, I started putting it together with what I've currently got...mostly because I've got a lot of design things which were getting tough to keep straight. So, it's a start...and it really means that the show will be starting soon.

I'm quite excited about it, but also quite apprehensively nervous about auditions. I haven't any sort of clue what sort of crowd to expect...if any crowd at all. I'm planning on doing some 'recruiting' this week sometime...mostly by sending out a few emails to key people I'd like to have involved. And we'll go from there.

But until then...or until more news comes along...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

September 16, 2003

My, My, How Time Flies!

Well, here we are again, another week and something since the last news post. It's my fault...but life has again been quite busy. I will try to be better about posting more here as it's necessary.

Seed Sales and Such

I've finally managed to deliver all of the hardware and basic software necessary for the Enestvedt Seeds operation to be computerized. This project took on the order of a month to complete, and so far has been relatively well-received. Keep in mind that they've been doing business in the office completely un-digital for the last 103 years (no kidding), so change is interesting. But things are going well, they have a very nice small network and print system, and will soon have a much less paper-oriented world.

While the hardware and such is now complete, it leaves the future releases of their database application to come. Currently I've been fighting (in my spare time) to develop an order entry/processing system to enhance the first release of their application which centers around customer contacts and product management. The goal of this next release is to have a basic order system in place. Future releases will include bugfixes and enhancements to exisiting features as well as payment processing and delivery adjustments (or inventory modification). It's a pretty large system and should promise to be cool in the end.

Work As Usual

As is normal, the old Salt Mine has been calling my name...which is good for the pocketbook but not necessarily for free time. smile Between work and the stuff above, I've been kept busy enough to not have much time for focusing on the production below.

Gaslight Girl

I have had a little time to work on the show, although not a whole lot (or as much as I'd like to say). I have managed to submit royalty applications and will hopefully tomorrow morning order the scripts (or at least the first batch) as necessary for production. One cool thing that I have done is taken the stock RCW Theatre Groundplan that I drew up (in a CAD-like piece of software) a few years ago and created a set design page (essentially a stock page on which I can draw pictures of scenery, etc.). Now, given my existing perspective grid drawing (which I used in a theatre set design class several years ago), this is pretty much (and more or less) completely to scale (not only in perspective, but also in size (from accurate measurements from the existing groundplan). I have a good idea in my head what the scenes will look like, but would like to have more 'professional' looking items available for production display.

Aside from this stuff, not much else has changed...and (like I've said many times before) I hope to have more time to post new happenings they happen.

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