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Saturday, November 8, 2003

November 8, 2003

Matt Fell Off The Face Of The Planet...

Well, maybe not quite that bad, but I've definitely been busy. Sadly, too busy to take any time to write. frown

I am still alive and kickin', though...and I'll bring everyone up to speed here...

And There Will Be A Show!

The production process for Gaslight Girl has taken up most of my time in the last month and something. I've kept very busy between Morris and Renville (several days each week at each location) throughout the my weekly commuting time is about 6 hours.

On the plus side, the show is set to go off beginning November 20, which is now less than two weeks away. Sadly, I'd have to say that I will probably not be adding many more news posts during this time, because I'm really busy with things it's all coming together.

We've managed to take a concept and turn it into (at least a pseudo-) reality. Things have progressed nicely, and about at the rate I would expect. I've fortunately had a very great cast to work with...a lot of dedicated people involved...many of whom have also stuck around to help in other production aspects, which makes my job not only easier, but far less stressful...and just generally makes the whole thing come together that much faster.

At The Salt Mine...

Subway's still been on my agenda, although not nearly to the extent it normally is. I've been out of town many days, so my time there is quite limited, but it still manages to take up several hours per week of time...

The Database

The Enestvedt Seeds Database system has progressed through the ordering process, at least in beta (usable form). There are still many features and enhancements I'd like to make, but for the time being, the time I have to work on it forces me to work on the necessities and fixes. This I actually consider a Good Thing.

Wood Projects!

I've managed to get a slight start on my major wood projects (which I intended to start last summer).

So far, I've managed to plane about half of the wood (I believe) I'll need for my entertainment center/matching bookshelves project. This will be done in oak, and given the wood I've planed thus far should be quite a looker when it's done.

I've also managed to plane enough wood for my piano bench, which will be done in walnut. Walnut's the closest color match to our piano (which is without a bench, hence the project) without going for some really exotic stuff (like cherry) which I'd have to buy. Keep in mind that the wood I'm using for these projects is home-grown, and the availability of cherry and such just is non-existant. I avoid buying wood retail at all costs if possible.

Anyway, that's about all for's more or less the same old stuff, except I spend a lot less time at the computer...and when I'm actually there, I check email and go back to other things. smile

Until next time...

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