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Monday, December 1, 2003

December 1, 2003

Another Matt Sabbatical?

Yeah, it's been another long time since I updated this Web News thing -- my apologies for anyone who reads this with regularity.

Main reason I've been unavailable -- Three-Act. On the bright side, it went very well and I will definitely consider the effort a success. Several reasons for this:

  • Ticket sales: Our final ticket sale tally easily doubled any previous show for the last few years. A couple of things we had going for us included a third performance night, mild radio coverage, and the 'community' participation aspect.
  • Friends of the Arts Sales: The FOTA folks have informed me that their net profit on their pizza/pop sales was double this year what it was last. This supports my 'double' numbers for ticket sales and admission (see below).
  • Paid admission numbers: While I don't have exact numbers for this (due to the three levels of tickets sold (adult, student, senior) and two ticket types (student, adult)), my guess is approximate: ~156 students/seniors (over three nights) and ~125 adults (again over three nights). Going by the 'known' number of tickets sold each night, this seems about right for totals.
  • General audience response: The general audience response I was able to hear was positive in nature, and that's obviously a good thing.

It was a hell of a lot of work, but I was ultimately very pleased with the response and outcome. It was also a very excellent learning experience and hopefully will become a more permanent community fixture in the years to come.

Thanksgiving comes...and goes...

Well, another holiday passes...somewhat uneventfully. The general small family get-togethers and good times came about with Thanksgiving as usual...

The Striking of the Three-Act Set

A bittersweet moment came the day we struck the set of the Three-Act. The stage looks quite bare after being filled with set and props for the last (nearly) two months. Striking the set is always a bit of a sentimental time, because it truly marks 'the end' of another production -- one which many people put so much time and effort into making come alive. Yet, it's also a good thing, because it marks the beginning of a new production (coming soon) and also marks the end of all the hard work that went into the last production.

So, as you can see...

...that's pretty much how my November was spent. smile

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