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Monday, March 29, 2004

March 29, 2004

Exciting Sunday

Well, as it turned out, we went to see the mock Bus Crash scenario which was used as a county-wide emergency drill down in Renville on Sunday (28 March). Mostly I wanted to go because it was supposed to be 'the end of the old bus' -- which had been a staple of my parents' yard (in various places) for more years than I can remember.

It turned out (the bus thing) to be a little anti-climactic, mostly because I understood it to be something different (as far as how the bus was depicted) than it was. What it was, however, turned out to be quite interesting. Between a vehicle-bus crash, a rollover (and fire) -- at another location, a car-bicycle collision, and a helicopter landing, it was actually quite an educational experience.

Many pictures were taken (although mostly of the helicopter) -- as of tonight I've resized them. They'll go online hopefully within the week along with a page of story. smile

Aside from that excitement yesterday and some tinkerings of mine at work (namely some neat firewall, users & ftp stuff), it was a typical Monday.

Only real bad part is the weather -- today was just plain cold compared to last week. smile

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