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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

January 20, 2004

More One-Act!

One-Act is going on, and progressing about as expected. It's going to be quite a production, and I'm excited to be working with as talented a group as I've got. With a little more than a week and a half remaining, it'll be just as exciting to see how the whole thing comes together and becomes a true 'whole.'

There's still a lot to do; costumes are a little more than half finished, what little set we have has yet to be finished, but those are actually pretty minor things to get complete.


Late last week I ordered the parts for two upgraded machines, one for myself; the other for Beth. These are significant upgrades from our existing PIII/600 and PIII/550 Win98SE machines...and actually, the parts for both have been delivered today! So, the next week will prove to be interesting as the new machines come together and take their rightful places.

Until next time...

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