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Saturday, March 13, 2004

March 13, 2004

Dishwasher Update Part Deux

Well, as anticipated, the parts for the dishwasher arrived earlier in the week. And, as anticipated, I didn't have any time to mess with it until today.

So, I took the machine apart for the second time, although this time to 'completely put it back together.' Essentially, since the motor and water pump assembly is on the extreme bottom of the unit, the whole thing has to come apart in order to reach said place. Anyway, I put the water pump/impeller assembly together again and reattached it to the motor...this time with the E-clip (the part which had broken in the first place causing all the noise).

Lo and behold, once the entire thing was put together, I spun the motor and heard no plastic/plastic I reassembled the remainder of the unit...this time cleaning it up a bit in the process.

It was now time for a test run to see if it worked under power and with water... Much to my pleasure, everything worked just like new...or normal, I guess. That is, until the machine began to empty itself. It's quite coincidental and has nothing (as far as I can tell) to do with the pump and valve switches...and as far as I know is related to a rubber bushing/bearing/seal (depending upon how you look at it) between the motor shaft and pump assembly.

You see, the machine started to make a high-pitched squeaking noise (much like a rubber belt slipping) after some use, but not right away. When I'd installed the impeller assembly, I made sure to lubricate this bushing with silicone grease (which is waterproof) to prevent something like this from happening...and it worked for a little while.

Anyway, I let the machine run through its test...even though it was making the odd noise. At least it's working aside from that...and seemed to be doing what it needs to do.

What's even more strange about it is that now (a few hours later), I can turn on the machine and not hear that sound anymore. This leads me to believe that it just needs to be run a few times and get set as it was before...soas to 'permanently' lubricate the bushing.

So tomorrow we'll have to try a real load of dishes to see what happens...

End of the Busy Week

Well, after much running around, I've managed to make it through the week from hell. smile Actually, it wasn't from hell...but it certainly was busy enough. Topping off the list of things accomplished:

  • Trip to St. Cloud
  • Work
  • Subway
  • Deliver One-Act stuff
  • Install Database Update

Of course, Work and Subway are quite vague and actually took up the bulk of the week's hours...

Fortunately, tomorrow (Sunday) is my last day of weekend opening at Subway...forever. So, that makes my schedule much more palatable.

New Things!

I've been tinkering in PHP lately this week. Mostly due to a web upgrade I'm working on...but it's been an interesting run so far. Along with this, I've been messing (albeit lightly at the moment) with get the PHP stuff really going. We'll see what happens in the future. smile

Until next time...

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