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Thursday, March 18, 2004

March 18, 2004

I like to SAMBA!

Well, something like that... smile As it turns out, I was finally able to do something with Samba that I haven't been able to (of course, I hadn't tried a lot, either) previously.

You see, for quite some time I've wanted to 'properly' set up the Samba server (providing Network Neighborhood/My Network Places features from a Linux environment) for operation. While the machines are all running on a protected network (and therefore aren't nearly as susceptible to abuse -- unless by an internal user), I had originally wanted to set up user-based security in Samba.

Instead, I've had to go with the cheezier (and less secure) Share-level security. Granted, on the home network this isn't a huge deal as long as it works...but...on the work network it's a little larger deal. Mostly in that it's nice for users to be able to store their own files in their own, private, directories and also be able to create shares which are available only to certain users.

Enter: Windows Domain Membership.

While not all the client machines are actual 'domain members,' each one does prompt to log on at boot, which allows us to map drives (if necessary) and also allows us a little more security than in the share-level mode.

The idea (eventually) will be that users keep important files on the server where they can easily be accessed from inside and outside the network...and also be part of regular backups, an important thing for important files.

It took some configuration magic and lots of reading, but it works and works well for the purposes needed at this time.

More Time For...

...pretty much everything, although I'm still seemingly just as busy as before. Granted, I do have more time at home, though...and that's been a Good Thing. Hopefully as the Subway thing gets phased out more things will get even better regarding free time. I am definitely anxious for the summer, though. smile

With the exception of being a little peeved about the pre-empting of NCAA Final Four games versus the 10PM news, today's been a good day.

Until next time...

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

March 14, 2004


Well, after some tinkering last night (namely just starting the machine for short (<5>My guess for that is the motor mount. When I reattached the motor to the base, I didn't tighten the screws very much. Obviously they're tightened appropriately for the use, but there are huge rubber washers which have a lot of play in them to absorb I think that (most likely) not having it as tight as it was previously has helped in some noise issues.

So, we can call this one good...and hopefully it works for some time to come. Hell, even if it doesn't, $8 for parts and shipping after two years isn't a terrible thing.

Last Weekend At The Mine

Well, it's official as of today -- I no longer work weekends at Subway (e.g. the Salt Mine). It's going to be weird, actually...because for the last three and a half years...unless we've been gone or had something important going on, I've been there every it'll take some adjustment.

But, the important thing is that I will have much more free time during the week, and that's definitely a Good Thing.

Random Quote

I was discussing gossip with someone the other day and made reference to a specific person (not to be named) in regards to assisting the spread of possibly incorrect information:

  • ...before telling {Insert Name Here}, whom you should know will spread it like malaria during the rainy season in Zimbabwe.

Now, I don't know if there is a rainy season in Zimbabwe... or if malaria is commonly spread there at any time of the year, but you get the point. smile

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