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Thursday, April 15, 2004

April 15, 2004

Happy Tax Day!

Well, I guess not...really. I did ours in early February and have long since finished that process for the year. But, for anyone who waited until the last minute (or got an extension), my hat goes off to you! :-P


Yeah, it's been nearly two weeks since my last post. Amongst other things, Easter came and went...and I think that had a bit to do with how available I've been. In all honesty, though, not much has happened. It's been a lot of the same old stuff, really.

A few of the directly programming-related things I can recall right off hand taking place since the last post:

  • Another beta release of FieldNotes is on its way out the door. My side (the desktop version) hasn't changed a whole lot; some additions like rudimentary printing support (although this isn't currently built in the executable, only in development yet), better record handling (edit/insert/save in the database), and other UI sorts of features have been changed and/or modified.
  • Support for importing the PocketFieldNotes data has been in development. While it would be ultimately nice to have a database synchronization sort of scheme in place, there are problems in accessing database features on the handheld side. This means that (at least for the time being), the data transfer will have to be done via text files (which means parsing them). Over the last few days, I've managed to do everything necessary with the exception of actually insert this textual data in the database. That is a work I've not yet tackled (and entails doing some pattern-matching and queries to obtain the right data to insert)...but hope to within the next week.
  • Overall, the project is coming along fairly well; of course there are times it'd be nice to have completed it already.

PHP! It's Dynamite!

One of the cooler things I've been tinkering with is PHP. Not so much with MySQL at the time, but just straight PHP. I've done a few things, most notably some much-needed redirecting stuff and also some neat general programming kind of stuff. Namely passing arguments between pages and doing the like. The basic pieces to make a better application.

It's looking to be a very promising frontend for a few projects of mine in the future.

Aside from that... I said, the general stuff. That's about it.

Until next time...

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