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Monday, May 31, 2004

May 31, 2004

More on Server Updates...

Well, of course I can't just leave the situation as-is, even though it technically works. wink

This morning, I decided to take yet another stab at the problems with the server. This time, however, I was planning on eradicating Cyrus-IMAP from the system. The question then becomes...what system for POP3/IMAP do I use in its place?

After doing some research, I decided that instead of going with UW-IMAP, I'd go with Dovecot...mostly because it's part of the FC2 distribution and therefore easy to gain access to (as opposed to downloading it). Voila -- there was an easily-configurable and straightforward server daemon.

So, after minimal fuss with that stuff (while I think Cyrus is definitely an option to look into for mail delivery agents, it's very unnecessary for me -- since these machines only have 3-4 mail accounts tops (each)), the mail retrieval is going well, and after some modifications again in sendmail, all notes of Cyrus as MDA are gone. It was also at this time I did some more configuration to allow remote SMTP connections from within the intranet (the firewall aptly takes care of blocking (as the first step) requests from the outside). Things are going well now.

And after some other minor configuration/uninstallation stuff, the servers were not only communicating with each other via email, but they were also allowing me to get that mail from my own client machine.

And with all that email stuff aside, I was able to wrap up some of the other minor config things (e.g. checking the logfiles over the last few days to look for tweaks)...and it appears at this time as though things are going well. smile

So, that was really a weekend gone...devoted to some degree (don't read it as though I spent the whole weekend sitting at the servers, because that's certainly not what happened) to the upgrading process.

Monthly Work Client Update

Today (Monday) was a good day to do the client machine upgrades at work, specifically as nobody else is there. I generally do this monthly...and generally on the [first] weekend after the new month begins. Since the month of June technically hasn't begun, but since there's a holiday and it's poor weather outside, I took advantage of the time. It only takes about two hours to fully update and do maintenance tasks on all client machines. Pretty low-key, but good to do when nobody else is around (just for the sake of not having to wait for people to find a different client to use temporarily).

It's TIRE-ing...

Well, I've finally broken down and decided to get a tire fixed on my pickup. It's been problematic for at least a good month now, and I've just been putting off the inevitable. Generally speaking, the tire in question (rear, passenger side) loses about 2psi/week. This means that at least once a week I must pump it back to regular pressure.

I've been putting off taking the tire in to get fixed, mostly because I haven't taken time to actually change the tire and run on the spare for a day or two. Since I only have to go to work and back with it -- that's just in town, so it's not a big deal as far as wear on the spare.

Well, today -- since it's so 'lovely' outside with the rain and all -- I decided to just get it done with. The idea being -- with the spare on there, it looks horrid, so I'll make it a priority to get the good one fixed. And it's true -- I will definitely make it a priority to get that bad boy in for repair -- tomorrow!

Chances are a tire tube will fix the problem -- specifically since it's a slow leak and the tire itself is in good structural shape. But, it's just a matter of getting it done.

Anyway, that's how the weekend wraps until next time...

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

May 30, 2004

Upgrading Woes

Well, having looked a little more into the Cyrus IMAP thing, I've decided that the upgrade sufficiently FUBARred the mail handing stuff. Sendmail is working as expected, and for local mail, things are good. But, to get mail via POP or IMAP, there's not a chance in hell without some serious time commitment and lots of configuration/upgrade changes.

At this point in time, it would appear as though the upgrade didn't completely upgrade a few packages, because reinstalling/upgrading the Cyrus packages result in failed dependencies. Now, since most everything else is working as anticipated, this isn't a huge problem. But, it's a problem...and therefore bugs me. smile So, I decided to run the upgrade on the upgrade, just to see what happens.

Well, that worked -- and didn't take very long. It did actually run the upgrade on the pieces I needed (the ones which were being complained about). But, there was another, more serious, issue that developed...

The network card also started not working in this server as well!

Just like the other one, it's got a link light. The primary difference in this upgrade process -- it's a PCI NIC...identical to the one which IS working on the other server.

It was at this time that I decided to actually reinstall from scratch and preserve the configurations and such (by backing them up to a different location).

I have a feeling that this is somewhat related to the 2.6 kernel, although I could be wrong (and certainly have been in the past). We shall see what happens after the install completes...

On the bright side, though, it could be worse -- at least it's the secondary machine and not the router/firewall. That'd be a whole lot worse. smile The only problem now is that there are NFS mounts on the server which is now not on the network...but those aren't system mounts (with the exception of /home) so we should be fine for a while. smile

If this thing goes well, I really think I'll do the same thing on the router box. Of course, that's much more touchy...because it truly brings the network down. But, I really should do some other miscellaneous hardware upgrades and whatnot with that I think I'll hold off at least for a while with that beast.

As I write this, it would appear as though the install process is about 20% complete... I will update again later in the day as necessary.

10PM Update

Well, the reinstall went just fine, without any major problems. In fact, it did fix some of the other problems (including the network card thing). Why, I'm not exactly sure, but it's working for now and that's all that matters.

The install didn't, however, take care of the Cyrus IMAP problem. It's becoming apparent that I'm going to have to manually compile either the new version of UW IMAP (which is what I'd used in the past) or Cyrus-IMAP to get this thing resolved. The RPM files just aren't cutting it's time for some more drastic measures.

So, the battle is not yet over; on the other hand, it's just going to boil down to how badly I really need to download mail to a client instead of logging in manually. smile

So we'll take it from there and see what happens.

Until next time...

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