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Monday, July 19, 2004

July 19, 2004

A Busy Month!

Well, it's been nearly a month since the last post I've made here; much has taken place in that time. Of course, I'm not going to cover it all...but I'll certainly try. smile

First off, the move!

As anticipated, the house purchasing process went off without any problems as scheduled on June 30. The whole process took only 35 minutes or so, thanks to the fact that the attorney had everything in order and ready to go.

So, beginning that afternoon we began the moving process -- something which wasn't easy by any means...purely based upon all of our stuff. This process took about a week and a half, each day taking with us at least two carloads of stuff. July 10 (Saturday) was the "big stuff" day and included the piano, couch, etc. Things moved relatively well and the process of moving in a two-week period has allowed us to at least filter/sort stuff as it came in...

The house thing is going well at this point in time. Of course, between unpacking and everything else related to the house, we've kept busy.

End of the Apartment Days

While we were technically moved out on Thursday (July 15), I didn't have a chance to get us checked out until Friday afternoon. The process went quite smoothly, and we should at least see some money come back from that, which is a good thing. Finally moving out of the apartment was in some ways a weird bittersweet thing, but it was definitely the thing to do -- especially now having more room and, well...a house.

More of the Work Thing

Things at work have been progressing as expected. The major rewrite and enhancement of one of our products has stayed on course well enough to allow us to have about 3/4 of one of the four 'modules' complete (which is about 1/3 of the existing program). Considering we have a prototype deadline around August 1 (for a basic-functioning program consisting of three of the four moduels) and that the two modules we have left to work on are much less labor-intense than the last one (of which a prototype won't be necessary until later this fall), we should be on track to deliver.

There are some other things on the fire as well, some of which seem more promising than others...but it's a way to keep busy nonetheless.

Internet Service!

After a couple-day delay in the installation of our Satellite Internet service through Direcway, we got hooked up to the world again on July 10. Of course, that was also major moving while the network was in working order, I was unable to take time to hook everything up properly. As it turns out, there was more work to that than anticipated...

Unbeknownst to me, with the introduction of the self-hosting satellite's configured automatically to do NAT and DHCP (essentially some of the things that my network servers were doing already). There is no way to shut these off that I've found...which is okay. BUT, another problem is that the modem is permanently configured to use my existing subnet...which is a worse problem to deal with.

So, while it took a few days to get worked out properly, I migrated the internal network to a new subnet. Since the modem doesn't firewall order to properly bridge the connections without odd side effects (and to maintain a firewall), it was necessary to change subnets. I'm happy to report that this change, while major, has gone fairly well and things are in relative working order.

That is, minus internal DNS and NTP (time synchronization) service. The NTP thing I can live without until I take time to tinker more (that took the longest to get properly working the last time)...but the internal DNS thing I miss quite a bit. While those nets have been changed and reflected in the DNS tables I maintain locally, for some reason (I haven't yet had enough time or patience to seriously hash it out) when I try to do lookups locally, I get SERVFAIL messages.

It works for the internal networks, but the minute a request is forwarded or looked up directly for the Internet, it fails. The firewall has been adjusted appropriately and shouldn't be causing any problems...but as I stated before, I haven't had enough time to really go through line-by-line to figure out what the hell the problem really is. So, in the meantime...I've changed the internal DHCP to use the regular ISP-provided DNS server so at least regular Internet service works. It just means I have to use the IP addresses directly in local communications...which sucks once you've been used to it the DNS way. smile

Anyway, I have to say that the satellite service really books it...way the hell faster than my old 128k connection at the apartment. Our average transfer rate is somewhere between 750k and 1250k (it averages about 1MB)...depending upon where we're going and what we're doing. Of course, the primary disadvantage to the satellite link is the latency (1/4 second each way -- 1/2 second each request)...which is apparent when working in terminal-land or when making lots of remote CVS requests to work...but for web browsing and the other regular Internet stuff it works great!

That's about all...

...for now. I'm sure there's lots of stuff I've skimmed over or missed completely, but as things begin to settle down a bit more, I should be back online and posting more news as time and events allow.

Until next time...

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