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Thursday, August 19, 2004

August 19, 2004

More of the same...

Yeah, I've taken another mini vacation from tends to happen in the summer. smile

The network -- revisited

The network has been working quite well as noted before, with the exceptions also previously noted. Nothing really changed there until the other day (it was actually Tuesday (8/17/04)) when all the sudden I noticed NTP synchronization (with the upstream server I use) in the logfiles. Upon further investigation, I also noticed that the local NTP server was functioning properly and serving time requests to the local network.

What's particularly curious is that nothing changed as far as configurations go during this time -- NTP just decided it was time to work again. Strangely enough, it was similar behavior to this in how it started working when I first set it who knows. Matt's rule of thumb when it comes to NTP server setup: Don't make major configuration file changes and it will continue to work fine. smile

Named/BIND is still a bit flaky, although it seems to be getting more stable (although slowly). Lately (the last few days) it seems to be working I restarted Nagios (network monitor)...and we'll see what happens. If it stays stable (namely related to BIND) for a week or two, I might try again to migrate to using all internal resources for client machines.

Water issues -- revisited

Well, as planned the new Kinetico water softener was installed the day after the last post (August 2). Needless to say, we have noticed a 1000% difference in all aspects of water quality. The unit has been running about twice a week, which is actually less than we'd anticipated...and is something that's not 'set in stone' since it's purely on-demand regeneration (that whole non-electric thing).

It's been a welcome change, and I was recently able to actually see firsthand how the whole thing mechanically works. It's very neat how a series of gears and a little water turbine sets off various valves (all with just water pressure) which makes it do what it does without electricity.

Everything through the softener has been changed to much larger pipe (3/4"), and that's made a major difference in flow. So sometime now this fall I'll finish the job of re-plumbing as we do the bathroom project.


I finally received the paperwork from the lawyer now a few weeks ago and was able to go through the abstract for this property...which is always interesting reading. I need to go back again and re-read it, this time more in depth and track some of the things a little better...but it's definitely neat to see some of the stuff that shows up in there (mostly because I'm a weird history geek when it comes to stuff like that).

Lots of other stuff

I'm sure there are plenty of other things I could mention here, but I can't think of anything off hand at the moment. It is becoming more apparent that the work life may suck me into its bowels, specifically through September and possibly through Thanksgiving, depending upon some of the projects we're working on. On the bright side, it's steady income...and I enjoy doing what I do. smile

Anyway, I think I'll leave it at that for now. Until next time...

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