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Saturday, September 4, 2004

September 4, 2004

Welcome to September!

Although it doesn't seem like it, it is actually September now. With labor day only a few dozen hours from now, the traditional 'end of summer' is really here.

Anyway, enough of the boring and depressing stuff! On to exciting stuff!


Well, I'm finally more or less over my late-summer cold. It came on shortly after my last post on August 22. By far the worst of it was Tuesday through Thursday of that week (24-26), but as all colds of mine do, they linger for at least a week. Things were never dire, but just a general pain in the ass. smile It's another reason why I haven't posted anything here in the last two weeks.

Hot Water!

Well, I broke down so to speak and arranged to have an off-peak electric water heater installed. It was something I knew was necessary when we moved, since the old water heater (a 52 gallon) was old in appearance...and as we found out later, had a burnt out element. Anyway, with all that aside, the new water heater got installed Friday morning.

Let me tell you -- it's a beast! For the off-peak storage deal, the smallest heater we could get was a 105-gallon. Double our previous capacity. It's also completely non-metallic (if you don't count the obvious water lines), so it won't rust out as is so common. smile The thing is 70" high, and 30" in diameter. Huge! Along with it came a sub-meter and radio control with a relay to remove power to the unit as necessary. The installation itself only took about 2 hours, including removal of the old heater.

I was impressed, and have been impressed thus far with the new heater. At least we'll both be able to take a shower and not have to worry about running out of hot water. With the old, we maybe had 20 gallons of good hot water (due to the bad element), and now with 105...if we run out, there's a serious problem. :P

That's about all!

Things are pretty well routine as of late; Beth's back to classes and doing some student teaching-like stuff. I'm doing the daily work thing (which is going well and on-track with our most recent project), so until next time...

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