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Saturday, January 15, 2005

January 15, 2005

Nearly a two-month hiatus?

Yes, that's correct. Matt essentially took a two-month hiatus from posting news bits here. frown It's a Sad Thing, but since the month of December is always a busy time for me (between all the Christmas stuff going on and One-Act starting up), it sometimes becomes a necessity. This December was no change in busy-ness. It's the first time I've had to make arrangements to do both a full-time programming job and also do all the stuff necessary to pull off a high school theatrical production (when the school is 75 miles from my place of work). But I like a challenge. smile

Speaking of One-Act...

We're now approximately half way through our primary (four-week) rehearsal run in One-Act. It's been going well thus far, and I once again hope the kids will do as well as they have in the past. The longer I do these productions, the less it becomes about winning competitions (although that's a nice thing to experience) and more about getting students involved in theatre and what it's all about. As I now have a "real" job, it also shows through that the theatrical stuff is more of a hobby for me rather than source of income. What can I say -- I get paid to do something I love to do. smile That applies for both the programming/network/computer stuff and theatre.

Home Improvement

Work on the house (more specifically, bathroom) has been slow since the 18th of December. In the time since, we've decided to more or less gut the entire room and fix everything in one shot, rather than doing as the plan had been before and fix one half of the bathroom and do the remainder at a later time. Further, it's a very good time to get some other things taken care of in the house. One of the things I'm planning on doing once we get the remainder of the demolition work taken care of is to run several lengths of conduit from the basement into the attic space upstairs. This will allow me at some time in the future to run voice/video/data lines to the upstairs and install these services in a better way than they're currently provided. It's a little bit of forward thinking, and really won't take much more effort than I'm already putting into it -- primarily because I'm already planning on putting those services on the main floor in the living room (which is adjacent to the bathroom) in a better way as well (e.g. wall jacks).

We're slowly but surely obtaining the pieces necessary to get this project under way and/or completed; however, since Beth started student teaching this week and I'm still juggling work and directing One-Act, the project is currently on hold until (probably) mid-February when I once again have some time to handle the major work required in re-plumbing and re-finishing the bathroom. But, that's alright -- after all, we can still use the bathroom and we still have the shower in the basement. smile So it's not like we're 'going without' or anything -- it's just that there are uncovered wall spaces. smile


...that's about all I've got to report for right now. At work, we're well on our way to our 'final' release which is slated for February 1, 2005 (date set way back in June) after that's out and One-Act is done, I should have some more time to work on the house and also more time to focus on other projects at work which have been set aside for quite some time (or just haven't been as high a priority).

But until next time...I'm going to leave it at that. Welcome to 2005!

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