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Friday, January 21, 2005

January 21, 2005


Well, we've finally made it back to the land of snow!

We've had snow a little here and there, off and on since around Christmastime...but it's just been a little bit, and never lasted very long. In fact, the approximate 6" we had on the ground early last week was reduced to less than 2" in a single day. Damn the 40's. smile

Anyway, today we received on the order of 3-4" of the powdery stuff...and as of this evening (I believe it actually started around 8pm), we're in a BLIZZARD WARNING through the early hours of tomorrow morning. And in looking outside, there is a definite lack of visibility (probably on the order of 200 feet or so).

It may sound crazy, but it's kinda nice to have this sort of thing every now and again. It makes you feel...Minnesotan. smile

Our house and yard is relatively sheltered from severe northwest winds and therefore extreme drifting. It'll be interesting to see what things look like in the morning. From what I can tell right now, the tracks I made coming home are just barely covered up in some spots, so it can't be too terribly bad at this point in time, but here again...the blizzard warning goes until 6am Saturday.

Only time will the meantime, I'm going to bed!

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