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Sunday, March 6, 2005

March 6, 2005

State of the Bathroom Address

I'm happy to report that, while not as much progress as I'd hoped was made, much progress has been made in the bathroom project this weekend.

First off, the remainder of the wall at the head of the bathtub was dismantled. It had already been taken down, but it was still in one piece and needed to be disassembled so it could be reused in different ways. This didn't take very long, but still took some time (since there was still some lath & plaster on the very bottom of the wall.

Secondly, I finally did the bathtub drain work (which was badly needed). As a brief review, there was an old 'trap' of sorts (very poorly designed) which would work well for a minute or so until the water circulation essentially created a vacuum. After the vacuum was created, the drain would drain, but very slowly. In addition to that, the old drain was completely done with 1.5" Galvanized steel and was just generally in need of replacement.

So anyway, I took the time to make the cuts (God Bless the Sawzall) and remove the (about six foot) section of drain. After that was done, I replaced it all with a new (slightly different) run of 1.5" PVC. I'm happy to report that after the gluing was done, it's holding water as expected -- which is a Good Thing!

So the bathtub drain is now done...but the drain overall isn't done, since I have to expand the line to include the (near future) sink drain which is another two feet from the head of the bathtub drain. In the meantime, I've just dry-fit a cleanout into the Y adapter in order to keep the gases out of the house. But the important part is that the hardest portion of the drain work has been complete and is in good working order.

After the drain work was complete, I began rebuilding the headwall of the bathtub. Over 2/3 of the work has been completed -- I just need now to pick up another 2x4 this week sometime to complete it. I've been reusing as much as I can, but I need a longer piece for the end of the wall. Normally, I'd just rig something up with more than one piece, but since it's the end of the wall which is probably the most structurally significant (e.g. the side a person would run into), I would rather just use one piece and use the other pieces for appropriate bits.

So, now after the drain work was complete and after the majority of the wall was rebuilt, it was time to do some supply line plumbing! I am happy to report that (if I had the lines set/hooked up in the basement) we could use the bathtub & new shower immediately (although it'd be a little weird without a full wall or tub surround in place).

All of the upstairs plumbing for the bathtub has been complete. All that's left is to actually attach the tub spout to the nipple and insert the shower nipple and head assembly into the wall elbow. But all the soldering is done and just needs to be pressure tested.

So What Does This Mean?

Well, it means that Matt's goal for the next week or so is to get the [new] main supply lines (from the water heater and softener) prepared, get all the other branching done and ready to go, and get the last portion of the headwall complete. This means that hopefully by next weekend I can start doing the sheetrock work and [hopefully] get the new sink & vanity in place. This part of the project would all need to be plumbed and, to some degree, can't be done en masse until the vanity is in place (which is dependent upon most of the sheetrock work on that side of the bathroom being complete (or at least started).

Once the bathtub plubming has been pressure tested, I can sheetrock that side of the wall and then work on the tub surround installation. But my guess on that is that it won't be done (the surround stuff) until at least after we do more of the demolition work for the fourth wall (so it doesn't get all damaged).

But overall it was a productive weekend, which means that we're just that much closer to getting the project complete.

Until next time...

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