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Sunday, April 3, 2005

April 3, 2005

More of the Same

As far as the bathroom project goes, much more progress has been made, but not quite as much as I'd hope. However, as of yesterday (April 2), the walls have started to go back up, which means that inevitably we're closer to the end result. And considering that the wall demolition started before Christmas, it looks weird to have new greenboard on the walls. smile

A few weeks ago, I spent the better part of the weekend preparing the plumbing runs for about 2/3-3/4 of the house. I didn't solder them up, but got them in the dry-fit stage so they were all ready to go. The next weekend following (which was the weekend before Easter -- March 19-20), I soldered up what I had ready to least until I ran out of solder (what I figured was a good sign to stop).

Of course, Easter weekend was shot, which brings us to this weekend...and yesterday spent wrapping up the miscellaneous wall bits and getting drywall hung on two walls.

Today's project is to complete (or get as close as possible to) the dry-fitting of the remainder of the plumbing. Then presumably next weekend I can take time soldering the bulk of it up and, if all goes well, make it 'go live.'

Going live, however, will require a few other things be complete, most notably the third wall in the little vanity alcove, and also making sure those walls are completely taped up and at least primed. That, and the vanity cabinet itself must get finished, so my expectation is that it will be another week or so before we'll get that portion completed.

But regardless, progress is being made...

A Very Busy Time

It's been a fairly busy time at work and at home recently, but things have gone well. Both projects are moving forward, and so far our goals have been we're on track and the world hasn't stopped spinning. smile

I've also more or less completed One-Act for the season. Friday (April 1) I travelled to deliver the shirts, scrapbooks, and pictures, which means that I finished the scrapbooks and pictures in the last few weeks. I did it in smaller phases, and the printing/binding went fairly quickly. Fortunately, the photo printer also held out on ink, so I wasn't in the need to go buy more of that (spendy) stuff.

We got a Dog?

Well, sorta. To make a long story very short, the siberian husky puppy (4.5 months) we got hangs around, but she's very skittish of us and we pretty much only see her around when it's time to eat.

She's doing alright, but hopefully we can get her caught (a second time) and this time get her trained in where she'll be able to go and not be able to go. But that's another entire story...

So anyway, that should more or less bring us to speed...until next time!

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