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Monday, May 9, 2005

May 9, 2005

A Busy Month

Well, as time would seem to imply, I've taken yet another month-long hiatus from writing these news items. frown It's an odd phenomenon, that time thing, but Einstein seemed to have it figured out, so that makes it better.

Anyway, on to the news of the last month:

Work, Work, Work...

It's the name of the game. Fortunately, in the last month or so, I've managed to get many questions answered and several solutions in place for distributing the server-based application for larger operations. That, and the inevitable bugfixes and enhancements that come along.

Fortunately, the various projects are each progressing, so that's clearly a Good Thing. The only bad thing is that it generally consumes my Monday-Friday schedule.

Bathroom Progress?

Sadly, here again, not much has been made in the way of progress in the bathroom. Fortunately, however, I did manage to wrangle up some time to do some cleaning up in the basement. This means there's more room to work down there, so it means that we'll be able to maneuver a bit better than before.

Far as the plumbing thing goes, it's more or less ready to go live, with a few exceptions. All of the larger pieces are soldered up and just need the final connections. So, this whole project (at least the plumbing side) is just a few more little projects from completion.

The bathroom proper has two hang-ups. One is the vanity cabinet which still needs to get finished. The second is a section of wall which I don't want to put up until the time the vanity cabinet is nearing completion (it will jut out into the room and make it much more difficult to maneuver until the old sink is removed) minimize the discomfort, so to speak.

Outdoor Progress!

One of the major projects which has put the bathroom project on hold was the completion of the re-grading and backfilling of the backyard. After the new septic tanks were installed last summer, by mid-fall, the backfill had settled and was in need of correction (e.g. more dirt) to level it out with the remainder of the backyard. At the same time, there were some other places in the backyard and around the yard in general where I wanted to do some fixing. Minor holes and a long trough pretty much sum it up.

The intention was to fix this problem last fall; however, due to the intense rain we received which prolonged the crop harvest, it was simply too wet to obtain and/or use any dirt. Furthermore, since the dirt we were going to use is on our little half-acre of field to the East, things just didn't work out for last fall...especially when it pretty much froze before we could get out there.

So, I made arrangements to borrow a neighbor's skid loader to do some dirt moving. It took about 6 hours to move the dirt (start to finish), but we raised the ground level in the backyard (over the septic tanks) a foot in some spots...and it looks much better. Quick use of a rake has gotten it fairly smooth and leveled out (at least to match the rest of the yard)...and a few runs over with the lawnmower (just for weight to compress)'s in good shape.

While we had the opportunity, I used the skid loader to do some backfilling around the house to raise the grade a bit and promote positive drainage. This portion of the project is (more or less complete), but still needs significant work to finish out...because the window wells need to be installed, etc.

So, after this was done, it was time to procure grass seed and a broadcast spreader. After doing so and applying the seed to the various areas, it's just been a lot of watering and keeping an eye on it. Fortunately, while nothing's germinated just yet, the birds haven't been too we should be able to get something out of this seeding.

I've also managed to get some of the other yard work complete (which means that now I should have more time to again focus on indoor projects), so while I've not necessarily gotten things that I wanted to get done three months ago taken care of...I haven't been sitting on my ass, either... smile

The most interesting aspect of all this yard work is that we've had to keep the dog out of the backyard (and we'll have to do some more seeding around the house once the grading is finally complete), but that's a different story...

Speaking of the dog...

...she got taken in to get fixed this last week. She's survived and is doing well, but try telling a husky that she's not able to run for several days following the surgery. Needless to say, she's quite stir-crazy and just sleeps a lot -- presumably out of boredom. She's also been moved to a different side of the house from her 'normal' she's quite confused as of late.

But anyway, that's more or less the happenings of the last month. Hopefully I can keep up on these better in the next month or so. Of course, I always say that...

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