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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

May 17, 2005

Not quite so long this time...

Yes, I managed to get a news entry in here in just over a week from the last one -- not bad, but I actually have things to mention as well...

Bathroom Status

Well, I'm happy to report that substantial progress towards the completion of phase 1 of the bathroom project has been made. Over the weekend, I put up the vanity cabinet side of the aforementioned wall I didn't want to mess with until necessary. The taping and initial layer of mud has been applied to the entire alcove area where the new vanity setup will be. It is the goal to have the area completed and ready to install [the cabinet] by this weekend.

This means that the remainder of the plumbing can be done...and thusly more progress towards getting phase 2 (the removal of the fourth wall, installation of ductwork and conduit to the upstairs level, the new flooring, and the last of the re-wiring completed. While I don't anticipate phase 2 to take that much time (more time will be required to do the demolition work since it's essentially just a tear-down and rebuild of a wall with minimal other additives), that work cannot begin until [at least] the new sink is in place.

So, we're back on track to getting this complete!

Outdoor Status

Well, the grass I seeded over the top of the backfill (see the last post) in the backyard is finally starting to come up. We'll have to see how it looks in another week. At this time, it looks like I'll need to do some filling in here and there, but it's deceptive since the weather has been very odd here the last two weeks (below normal temps and a fair amount of moisture) only time will tell.

Salt Mine Status

Things have been progressing nicely at work. The particular project I've been focused on for the last few months has come to the deployment phase as our internal testing has been completed. It's an exciting time since we've managed to essentially create a completely scalable data management solution (complete from handheld to a desktop to a centralized server) for Agronomists. We've had the setup working in-house for about a month now, and as of the last two weeks or so, I've focused primarily on taking our installation and configuration and bundling it up for distribution.

The initial deployment tests are positive. There are a few bugs to work out, but by the end of this week we are going to have something deployable. For the company, this is essentially the first major completion of this 'vision of the application' in its several-year life. There have been many standalone versions before now, but now there's a scalable version to suit the [changing] needs of our clients...which is Very Cool.


...that's about all I've got to mention righ toff hand; Until next time...

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