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Monday, May 30, 2005

May 30, 2005

Brief Hiatus

Well, I managed to take a nearly two-week hiatus from these musings, but I'm very happy to report that much has taken place in this time:

Bathroom Status

Phase one of the project is complete! It was completed on May 22 in the [late] evening. Since that time, we have been using the new sink in the new location, and the bathtub has been enabled (although one would not want to shower due to the lack of the surround installation, etc.).

It went just about as planned. I spent the better part of that Saturday (May 21) working on the last of the supply plumbing, including the installation of all the individual shutoff valves at the stubouts. After mowing and finishing the lawn on Sunday (which is about a three-hour project by the time the push mowing is done and the weed eater has touched up what the rider cannot), I migrated to the plumbing. It took about an hour and a half to make the switch, mostly because I had to cut away some of the old plumbing in order to make the last of the connections to the new stuff.

I am very happy to report that my massive soldering job was well done -- not a single leak in the entire system!

So, as of today, I've installed the ductwork (at least into the attic area) for the exhaust fan (and yes, the fan is temporarily disconnected until I get the vent to the outside) and gotten the remaining walls up. I removed the old pedestal sink earlier this week (it was Thursday evening), so it's just a matter of tearing down the final wall and running conduit and new electrical wires, then replacing the old plaster wall with new drywall. smile

Outdoor Status

The new grass has actually been mowed! It's been growing quite well for the last two weeks or so, and I'm quite pleased with how it's looking. I've as of tonight overseeded in some of the thinner spots, but it's good to see some progress in the outdoor appearance department. I also took some time and finally installed the basement window wells and finished the grading around the house to promote positive runoff (away from the house). So, I also seeded those portions of the lawn. In short order, the outside will look completely good again!

Another Birthday

Yes, I had another birthday, and have reached the big 'quarter century' mark. Normally, I'd have a pretty uneventful birthday, but this year was just active enough to be positive. I made a major (strangely enough, hardware) breakthrough at work that day, and even went to a small gathering (not birthday related) in the evening after stopping for a few after work. smile

So, turning the big 25 went well.

Aside from that...

...I'm sure there's much I'm forgetting, but it's time for bed here shortly. So I leave it at this...until next time...

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