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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

June 21, 2005

A Busy Month!

Well, I have to say that I've been meaning to write up some more stuff here, but I've just been overwhelmed by things going on in the last three weeks or so.

For starters, the last three weekends have (more or less) been busy with various events we've attended, compounded with the ever-present need to finish the bathroom project prior to our own fiesta (which was last weekend (June 18)).

But, I have to say that it's been a fun time (the previous weekends) getting together with folks and having some fun.

Bathroom Status

Well, I'm again happy to report that the walls (and ceiling) are back up, conduit has been run from the basement into the attic, and it's a matter of finishing off the walls and doing trim/finishing work (after painting, etc.). Well, that and the flooring.

One nice thing about our party last weekend was the need to get the bathroom into a 'presentable' state (where at least the walls were covered and whatnot). It's more or less a matter of finishing off the drywall joints (specifically at the ceiling level) and then applying paint. It's coming along nicely and looks much different with walls in place again!


Aside from the recent influx of mosquitos and other bugs (specifically after our two-week period where on the order of 4" rain fell), things are doing well outside. The most recently seeded grass is coming up and will thicken up in relatively short order now...especially if this heat (summer finally arrived) continues for very long.

Anniversary tomorrow!

Well, as of tomorrow evening, we'll have been married officially for three years. It doesn't really seem all that long, but has been a good run. smile Hope for more continuation of that trend in the future!

Odds & Ends

You know, I started writing this with grand intentions of rambling about pretty much anything and everything. However, since I've started writing it, I've encountered a bit of a block which is currently preventing me from recalling all the stuff (and more specifically, details) which I was going to write about.

Ah well, until next time...

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