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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

August 10, 2005

Project Progress!

Well, last week while driving home from work (my normal 'think & wind-down' time) I decided to take the better part of this week off from work (use up some vacation time) to get some stuff done around here. While I've done very little for the bathroom (short of remove the window jambs so I could get the lower pane out for replacement) project at this time, I have made some substantial progress outside.

I've taken the 'sunny days' during this time to focus on some badly needed outdoor maintenance -- namely in the window department. It should've been done last summer/fall, but with moving in and all that stuff there was never enough time available. The outdoor (window) maintenance is primarily related to scraping/repainting the window trim and re-glazing storm windows. I'll deal with the screen windows I'll actually install next year during the winter, since I'll only have to deal with a few of them (versus all of the lower level storm windows) since I have no intention of ever opening the windows on the front side of the house.

So far I've got half of the main level windows scraped and primed. I'll paint tomorrow (Thursday) given un-rainy weather. Then, of the other half of the main level windows are another story. They're all on the front side of the house, where two very large bushes reside. I might be able to work on a few of them, but I might just end up waiting to do all the scraping (I should be able to at least get the storm windows off and worked on in the meantime) until later in the fall when I'm intending to cut the bushes down for the winter. We'll see about that.

Far as the windows upstairs go, they also need some attention (not as badly as the ones downstairs for the most part), but that might have to wait until next year or at least this fall.

And as far as the bathroom...well, if it's raining or too nasty to work outside...then I'll go to that project. Here again, it's mostly some more finishing work left there.

Anyway, until next time...

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