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Sunday, August 14, 2005

August 14, 2005

Week-End Project Update

Well, it turns out that, if given enough time and determination, things do actually get accomplished. smile

Granted, not completely...but...

"I Can See Clearly Now..."

Anyway, the state of the world at week's end is better than at its commencement. The outside window trim on the aforementioned scraped windows has been re-caulked, received a coat of primer, and has a first coat of paint. Hooray! I haven't had much of a chance to work on the storm windows as of this time, but the caulk and paint thing was of a bigger priority in the event of rain (after all, the storm stuff can be done in the garage even when it's raining).

Gas Station Burritos? Not a problem!

I also took some time this weekend (when not mowing the lawn or doing other miscellaneous jobs) and put the tailpiece of the bathroom exhaust fan in place. This required cutting a hole in the exterior of the house from the attic space behind the upstairs kneewall (which is the location to which I had run the conduit and ductwork mentioned in previous postings) and completing the job.

It wasn't terribly difficult, aside from juggling all the equipment atop the ladder outside. Once my locator hole was drilled (from a suitable location inside), I did the cutting and whatnot from the ladder outside. It took some time and patience (along with a good hole saw and utility knift) with the vinyl siding, but it went smoothly. I also managed to put it in an ideal location in relation to the siding.

Once the job was all sealed up from the outside, I got down from the ladder to take a look at it -- it's really an object you have to be looking for since it blends in nicely. Of course, then the remaining portion of attaching the ductwork in the attic to the tailpiece and sealing up that whatnot took place. I am happy to report that, after re-applying power to the fan unit, it is working just as expected. One step closer to a completed bathroom.

Sanding, sanding, sanding...

Related to that project, I have made some progress on the front. Most of the wall surfaces themselves (and even the portion of the ceiling above the bathtub/toilet area) are ready to be painted and soon primed. It's the corners, however, which need some additional TLC. The problem in the area is that they're quite difficult (not to mention numerous) to reach in some cases. This makes the enjoyment level spiral downward. It also makes it much harder to concentrate (standing on the edge of a bathtub leaned against a wall isn't the most comfortable position).

However, that said, I've gotten over half of the large area in the bathroom more or less ready for a final coat of mud (mostly just over the corner joints). Matt's goal for this week is to (weather pending -- meaning it might be Wednesday or the weekend before it gets re-atttempted) get the entire larger area ready for prime/paint. It's getting closer, but I can tell you in two words why I'm not a drywall contractor -- it sucks. smile

But, it's progress, and I'm fairly convinced that within two weeks we'll have a completely painted bathroom, which only leaves the flooring and trim work to deal with (I need to lay down a very thin substrate just to smooth out the transition between floors (e.g. where the closet wall used to be)). However, we already have the flooring in place, and I'm sure once that's done the trim will be procured in short order.

It was a 'Fair' Time...

We took last Friday afternoon as our yearly 'jaunt to the fair' day -- it was as it always has been. It's a good time walking around, eating some unique foods and seeing people you never see except at the fair. Add in the free parking/general admission, and you can't go wrong. smile

Anyway...'s getting past my bedtime, so I'll leave it all at that. Until next time...

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