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Sunday, October 16, 2005

October 16, 2005

The Last [Partial] Lawnmowing

I took the opportunity today (Sunday) to go over the bits of lawn (namely where we filled in and raised the backyard) where it has been growing quite a bit over the last few weeks. I didn't mow the entire lawn (as the entirety doesn't require it), but I figure that what I did mow today will pretty much end up where it was before it dies out for the year.

While I was at it, and since it'll likely be the last mowing of the year, I took the opportunity to remove the mower deck and powerwash it. After this time, I put it in storage mode (in the back of the tool shed) for easy removal next spring when I'll re-attach it to the tractor.

I also took some time to 'winterize' the various machines. Primarily this meant to add fuel stabilizer to all the fuel sources and tanks, and in the case of the powerwasher it meant running it completely dry and out of gas. After this was all done, I briefly swept out the shed and put everything back in order. So, with that, pretty much all outdoor work has been completed.

Oh yeah, earlier this week I took the time to powerwash the tool shed and garage, both projects I'd mentioned in the last post.

Corn Harvest

The other night (I believe it was Friday evening), the farmers who farm the field around our place here harvested the corn. It looks much different out there now (you can see again now that the 8-10' corn plants are gone)...and another sign of the impending wintertime.

Milder than Expected

Considering that I've kept the thermostat in 'Heat' mode for the last week and a half or so, it's run surprisingly little. It's been quite warm during the day, so most of the time it runs just a bit right away in the morning and then never again until the next morning. Far as I can tell (from the weatherman), this trend is supposed to continue for the next week or so, with highs in the 60's... We shall see. After all, there's a 50% chance it'll be 'mild' this winter. smile


It was very nice to shower upstairs in the bathroom for the last week. Unfortunately, this trend has to take a short-term hiatus while another project 'cures.' I took the time over the weekend to 'paint' the bathtub (I did this on both Saturday and Sunday, different coats). This is a special product very much like those professional organizations use, except on a smaller scale. It's an epoxy/acrylic thing, and stinks quite badly (although I have to admit that construction adhesive is much worse as far as fumes go). It also takes 2-3 coats to really get it sealed up proper. However, I can truly say that the tub looks much nicer than before and nearly looks like new (at least it's not all yellowed and whatnot).

The unfortunate thing about the tub is that the paint takes about three days to fully cure before it can be exposed to water, so it's been back to the shower in the basement for the next few days (Thursday morning will be the first it can be used again). During this time, I'll re-seal up where the surround meets the tub edge and allow that time to cure as well. So, it's not the end of the world -- at least I can wait for a few things to get cured at the same time.

The other major project that I managed to accomplish this weekend is related to the bathroom floor. As in, it's complete. I bought a piece of subflooring material on Thursday afternoon. Friday evening we went to Menards (and a few other places) to pick up some other supplies for various projects -- this was when we got the bathtub paint.

So, Saturday it was time to do the flooring!

This required a pretty major deal -- removing the toilet temporarily during this period. While removing the toilet itself wasn't such a big deal (and it was a really good opportunity to get the tank cleaned out (and also replace a flush valve which had been acting up)), the thought of 'messing up' on this was, in a word, shitty. After all, we have but one toilet in this house -- and it was to be out of commission for a period of time.

Anyway, I removed the toilet, then went to the basement with measurements for the subfloor material and cut away. After a few dry-fit attempts and a few minor adjustments, the subfloor went into place, was glued, and then nailed into position. It should not be going anywhere. Oh yeah, before I got that far I also had to bring the gap (where the closet wall used to be) up to the approximate level of the remainder of the floor, which was done with old 12" square vinyl tiles cut to fit.

So after the subfloor went into place, it was time to start laying the new floor. We'd picked out the self-adhesive tiles some time ago (in fact, I think we'd pretty much picked that out before Easter (or maybe even Christmas)), and it was just a matter of doing the job. So, I went about installing them (one by one) -- and the job moved quite quickly. Even factoring in the tiles which had to be cut. I left a half (cut) row of tiles out near the edge of the tub so I could recoat it with the bathtub paint later, but as of Saturday evening, most of the flooring had been installed and looked pretty good. Before I wrapped things up for the evening, I also installed the new carpet threshold piece where the carpet meets the new tile.

And today (after I recoated the tub and mowed the lawn/did outside stuff), I cut and installed the remainder of the floor tile. It looks damn different (and good). The project is really nearing completion now. All we need to do is paint the window casing and window (which I will do sometime before Thursday morning while the bathroom is somewhat out of commission in regards to the high-humidity environment), install the door casing and baseboard (which may have to wait until we pick an appropriate trim color), and do the last of the caulking around the bathtub (which will also be done sometime before Thursday).

Last but not least is to deal with the vanity sinktop, which still needs to be glued down and sealed up around the edges. That's a rainy day project, though, and will come later (most likely when I have the caulk gun out) or maybe as early as when I do the last sealing up of the bathtub.

So anyway, the end is really in sight now. Some touch-up paint and a little miscellaneous stuff here and there, and the long-in-coming bathroom project will be complete. Woohoo!

Until Next Time...

...that's about all I've got to say. I'm sure there's other stuff (like I haven't yet won the Powerball -- of course, nobody else has either), but it's all minor... smile

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