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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October 25, 2005

Computer Parts!

I put in a pretty large order for about three people early last week and had parts in hand on Thursday/Friday of last week. This meant that I got to take some time away from the regular projects to do some computer maintenance and whatnot.

I built a new machine for one person, got some spare parts for another, and finally took time to get a video capture card and DVD-RW and 80GB HDD for myself. smile

After some configuration, I can now watch and record TV/Video on my computer (fundamentally turning it into a DVR unit when it's hooked to one of our satellite receivers), which is really cool. I also got the model with the FM tuner, so I can also listen to radio. But, I think my favorite option is the remote control which came with the unit. Not that I intend to use it a lot...but it's cool to have a remote for the computer. smile

So, now that I have all the equipment, I will be able to take some old home-grown VHS stuff and burn it on DVD, thus preserving the material. I haven't yet burned a DVD (namely because I haven't bought any discs yet), but that's just a matter of time.

So, aside from that stuff, replacing some case fans and swapping parts between machines, and giving the non-server boxen a good internal vacuuming, we should be good to go for a while in the computer department.

Upcoming Computer Parts

I am currently shopping for replacement batteries for a few of my APC Back-UPS units which are aging. They're reasonable (compared to buying an entirely new model) in price, so perhaps sometime in the next few weeks I'll have placed an order and get all of them running in good order again. I'm also, however, looking for a high-output model to replace an older non-swappable battery unit I have which has died out. That, however, looks like I am going to spend between $150 and $200 to accomplish. But, it will all be good in the end, because my current [non-APC] UPS unit for the server (was cheap, and now I know why) doesn't even suppress a brief (2-3 second) outage.

Until Next Time...

...that's about all I've got to mention right at the moment. We'll see what happens with the new parts or the antics...

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