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Sunday, October 30, 2005

October 30, 2005

A Clean Datacenter = A Happy Datacenter

Okay, so it may not be a real datacenter, but it's my home datacenter. And as of this afternoon, it's clean. Last weekend (early) when I was assembling computer parts and whatnot, I took the opportunity to clean out my good machine and Beth's computer (namely due to parts installations). I was intending to do the remaining [server] machines as well, but that just didn't happen. So, I took the time this afternoon to clean them up (namely vacuuming). I'm happy to report that all things are acceptable (the fans are still running) and the servers should be happy now that they're clean again. At least for a few more months. smile It did require a bit of downtime (bringing down the network), but it was time well spent.

Final Outdoor Projects

I took time yesterday (Saturday) to do more winterizing. I covered the one kitchen window with plastic (as we don't have a storm window for it and I ran out of time to work on converting one of the screen windows of that size we've got to a storm window), and took the oppportunity to do something similar to the air conditioner. I was initially going to buy a cover for it. When I couldn't find an appropriate size (there's a support bracket which causes all sorts of problems), I decided to perhaps build a wooden box cover for it. That was still my intention until yesterday morning, when I discovered that I was just a bit short of plywood to complete the project. So, plastic it was, and at least it's better than nothing (which is what we had last year).

Probably the most substantial of all projects I completed yesterday was the installation of a new sillcock (faucet). Now, this wasn't just a replacement for the existing sillcock (which was in need of replacement), but an addition to the overall system. Namely, after this installation was complete, I am now able to control whether soft or hard water is sent to the faucet. Better yet, I have check valves in place which prevent (in particular) the introduction of hard water into the soft water system (in the event a valve is left open). It required a bit of soldering and whatnot, and as of this project's completion, the entire house has been re-plumbed for water.

There's only one other outdoor project I'd like to complete in a few weeks is to install a new (GFCI) outdoor outlet box on the garage; a kit which Beth picked up for me on Saturday (which is why it isn't already done).

So until next time...

...that's all I've got to report. I managed to enjoy the return to Standard Time with the additional hour of sleep this morning. Hope the same applies for anyone actually reading this.

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