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Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10, 2006

Another Day Bites The Dust

Well, it seems as though yet another two weeks has gone by since my last post here. I should start referring to this as more of a bimonthly news area. smile

It's been a pretty intense two weeks since my last post; I've been predominantly wrapped up in work, for a few reasons. One was in making several program changes as per user request and getting that sent out to the general public (basically meeting a deadline we'd set some time ago). Regardless of how well something's planned, it always seems nicer the day after an update goes out since (aside from some support calls) it's pretty much a 'day off' or 'day to rest.'

This time was not the case, however, due to some other projects which I needed to get right into. So, without going into great detail and boring anyone who happens to read this, I'll just say I've put in a lot of time lately. On the flipside, things have (more or less) been going well, but just really busy.

A New Addition

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before we had to add to the menagerie (or zoo) here, but the time has come. This time, as part of my acceptance stipulation, is the last addition we will make until one of them is removed from us.

Her name is Kurva (pronounced Coor (as in Coors Light) - va). It's an English spelling adaptation of the Polish word for whore. I just think it sounds cool...and it's a little neat and dorky to say you named a dog something in Polish.

She's actually the sister/litter mate of Koshka. Without going into great detail, she came ready to go (fixed) and was cheaper than Koshka. All-in-all, it was the cheapest dog (of the Siberian Husky type) we could've gotten. As it turns out, she was the one we chose not to take when we got Koshka (we got to pick since we were there first), and the other people who had shown interest in a dog never came to get her.

So, we've had some...interesting times lately. There was about a week's time where they needed to get used to each other and also how we work (for Kurva). They really enjoy each other and keep each other company quite a bit. It's a Good Thing.

Kurva's a little bigger and quite a bit darker than Koshka, but also somewhat skittish (more so than Koshka). This is also because we're new to her and whatnot. She's drawing out quite a bit more as time goes along, and Beth has already had her in the pulling harness with the sled.

Speaking of Snow...

...there's not much of that stuff left here anymore. In fact, in going outside this afternoon for a bit, some of the grass is already greening up quite a bit. We've still got several inches of snow in some areas, but it's going away quite quickly (it got into the high 40s today, and warmer in direct sun). It's still March, however, and we're slated to get some snow over the weekend and into next week. It won't last very long, but winter's not completely gone just yet. It's been a good winter (at least we had snow on the ground during most of it) overall.

But, that means the dogsled will soon be folded up and put away for the summer.

Vehicle Problem

A few weeks ago (actually the day when Beth went to get Kurva), I was tinkering with some stuff in the garage with my pickup parked outside and I noticed a spot on the garage floor. Upon investigation, it was not overly clear what the leak might have been...but it wasn't water. The floor is quite dirty at this time of year, so I was unable to effectively diagnose the problem quickly.

So, I scheduled an appointment for the pickup. As it turns out, it was my intake gasket which had failed and was leaking a combination of oil and coolant (which is why it looked so weird mixed with garage floor dirt, etc.). This would also explain why I had a dramatic drop in mileage the tank before I noticed the problem. I don't imagine that the leak had been there for long (a week or two, and I don't do a lot of driving with my pickup generally), but it was good to fix the problem.

I was also really glad I got the extended warranty on the vehicle, which only meant I am responsible for a small deductible and not the entire bill.

But, all is fixed now and I've noticed a significant difference in mileage again (back to normal).

Power Issues Revisited

In my last post, I made a note about a transformer swap that'd been done by the power company. I also noted how my UPS equipment had seemed to not be acting up since that time. Well, I'm very happy to report that the same is still true and, in checking the logfiles of the units, there has not been a switch to battery power since the transformer has been changed.

It would seem as though the problem has been corrected, which is a Good Thing for all the power-dependent stuff in the house.

Computer Upgrades, part Deux

I have only done some research into parts for a few machines I'm custom-building for other people (haven't yet ordered the parts), but I've also not really messed around with the upgrade/changeout of my servers yet either. I did tinker with them the other night and got a few things straightened out, but I'm holding out here until mid-next week when Fedora Core 5 is publicly released. Then I'll download the images via BitTorrent (which is a wonderful thing for that, rather than using the mirror sites and having things timeout after 200MB) through the next few days or week and be ready to go. I'll need to dedicate at least a weekend to the project most likely, but then I'll be on fire. smile It'll be nice to only have one server back here, especially since my ISP is firewalling some stuff at the central office (which makes me feel a bit better about having some services on the same box as my own perimiter firewall/router).

So, that's all folks...

...until next time...

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