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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21, 2006

A Month, AGAIN!

Yeah, I guess time flies, right? Okay, thanks.

Things have finally started to slow down; the only bad thing about that is when I'm home, I tend to be working on various random projects (and/or lawnmowing on the weekends), so my time to sit and write stuff here isn't any more readily available.

Anyway, no excuses. smile

It's been pretty quiet around lately. A birthday came and went...Minda came out to visit one weekend...and I've enjoyed time just at home.

Work Stuff

One of the nice aspects of work right now is that it's our really quiet time since everyone we deal with is in their busy season. We get occasional calls or emails about stuff, but by-in-large it's the quiet time. This is really nice since it's time to get caught up on various not high priority projects that've been put off for some time.

One such project was the building of what I named the Update Portal. It allows our users to log in to our website and view any and all pertinent updates to the products they've purchased. One step further -- I've also implemented an auto-login feature which can be used through the software itself to bypass the manual login.

So, that took a few weeks to go from design to implementation -- along with some other administrative changes -- but it's been a significant improvement over the previous system (queue up a bunch of emails and type away), and so far received good reports from the users we've been testing with.

Happy Anniversary!

Well, tomorrow marks our 4-year anniversary. Doesn't seem like that long, but we'll go out and enjoy some nice supper tomorrow night. Will be good times.

That's about all...

...for right now. I'm not in an overly chatty type of mode right now -- very much to the fact and move on...

I guess it goes with the whole 'longest "day" of the year' thing (summer solstice), right?

Until next time...

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