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Monday, November 13, 2006

November 13, 2006

Weekend Project Update

Well, I ended up having a fairly productive weekend, although it wasn't quite as productive in the way I'd originally anticipated.

I did manage to terminate the satellite receiver feeds for our bedroom and living room. This means they both hook up now through the wall plates rather than using the long cables running around the rooms and whatnot. This is the start of the real structured wiring project, because now I've started hooking things up. smile

I also managed to start cleaning up the basement. This is one part in a series of steps, because I had to start cleaning up in order to make headway to installing the distribution panel for the structured wiring project. As a result of actually doing that project, I will have to remove most things from the shelving unit (thus cluttering up the basement again). The purpose of doing this is more or less to force me to go through all the clutter and clean house.

There's still some work to do in that regard (cleaning up the basement), but it's not nearly as daunting a task as it was 36 hours ago.

I wanted to fix the side garage door, but I didn't want to haul my table saw outside (it was cold). Once I get things cleaned up a little more, I'll bring the plywood inside and work on it there, then just install it in the cold. That'll work just as well. It's going to be at least a week before I get to that project, though.


While I didn't get as many things accomplished as I'd hoped, we did manage to get the little bedroom painted. Not completely painted, but the ceiling and wall basecoat is complete. There's some faux finish which now needs to be done, but that's easier to do in small doses.

I also managed to install the new vent register after painting, so we have much more fine-grained control over the heating and cooling in that little room. The old one was almost impossible to control (aside from closed and open).

So, now that the basecoat has been done, all that's left is to do the faux finish and paint the trim. The trim and doors will take some time, but it'll be straightforward and won't have to all be done in the same day. So, hopefully that can be done before too long. Then we can move on to other projects.

As a result of this painting project, I was forced to finally take out all of the cleaned-out garbage. The stuff we'd packed away during moving (two years ago) and finally went through to keep or toss. I had quite a fire of the stuff that was burnable. For the remainder, I filled a garbage can. smile

I've got a bit of a busy week coming up, so I don't know what I'll get accomplished this week, but we'll see. Until next time...

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