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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Day, Another Dollar

So it's been a pretty good day; fairly busy, but not too overwhelming or off the charts. Always a plus. I spent the morning at the office, and that was good. Keeping on top of things (as best as possible) is always a Good Thing.

I left around 12:30, because Grandma & Grandpa Zaske were coming up to meet Kirstin for the first time (they're her Great-Grandparents). We had a nice visit for a few hours, and then Jill came by with Henry. They hung around for another few hours and we all had a good time. Henry's grown quite a bit -- of course, it looks exaggerated when he's put into context of Kirstin. Nine very good months versus nine days. Big difference. In a way, it kinda validates why I'm doing the daily photo experiment.

Most of our snow is now gone. Even the snow piles that were on the North side of the house are pretty much gone. It was in the 50's today with some wind. We also had some drizzle and rain yesterday for a bit, so what snow is left really isn't any sort of match for weather like that. In a way it's nice, but yet it's kinda sad -- I do like snow. :)

Kirstin's umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday (I forgot to mention that). It was a bit interesting to see, namely because it'd undergone such a strange transformation from the time when I cut it. And no, it wasn't kept as some sort of keepsake -- yikes. No thanks. It's good to have gone, though, because one doesn't have to be quite so careful to not accidentally rip it off.

I've been looking through more of my digital picture archive; namely the bits I haven't yet uploaded to Flickr. I'm pretty sure that (if I get a chance this weekend) I'll be uploading quite a few of those pictures and categorizing/captioning them. I'm currently at 884 pictures on Flickr, and I'm pretty sure that by the time those other images are put up, I'll be over 1000. There are pictures of all sorts of things.

Changing the subject yet again, we got a big envelope from the hospital today. I was not expecting anything, so it was awfully interesting wondering what was inside. Upon opening it, I discovered that it's a 'Birth Certificate' from the hospital with the names of everyone involved (not just Kirstin, Beth and myself, but also Paige, Libby and Sharon as well). It's a pretty neat thing and has a place to put the footprint cards we got. Very cool stuff. I continue to be impressed by the facility from start to finish. In smaller town environments, it's often easy to hear just negative things about a particular facility (and I've heard plenty)...but it's also good to personally experience the good stuff. So yeah, that's that. :)

So Beth is set up now with a (free) Flickr account and is set up in such a way so that she can make comments on any picture of my account. Good times. I know she's put a few comments out there already, so that's cool.

Anyway, that's about all I can think of off hand. So until next time...


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