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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fidgety In A Dress

Fidgety In A Dress
We had to get a few pictures of one of the dresses
she got on our shopping outing to Alexandria this
afternoon. There's a particularly cute one for
Easter (we didn't take a picture of that one), but
this one is just as cute for an everyday sort of
So we spent part of the day shopping today. It was our first big outing on a shopping trip to Alexandria. By and large, it went pretty well. The trip basically included stops to eat (at Perkins) for a late lunch, Fleet Farm (for cat food, since they had a neat sale going on where they give out a $10 gift card per 17.5lb bag of food), Wal-Mart, and Target. It takes a little getting used to hauling her around (it's not bad, but the business with carts and her car seat and the extra gear), but we were nearly (!) pros by the time we were all done.

I wasn't always convinced that the infant carrier business would be the way to go (because you've got to lift it in and out of the car), but I am since convinced. It's not something I'd like to use for very long (maybe 6-8 months), especially once she starts getting heavier, but for right now it's absolutely amazing. In and out of the car is trivial (I suppose it helps to have a four-door car; I can't imagine that a two-door car would be much fun with that due to how one would have to stretch), and there's no need to wake her up in a transfer. Click and go, dude!

So, we picked her up a couple of outfits, one for general purpose -- the one in this picture -- one for Easter (and I'm sure it'll be used after that as well), and another one for general purpose. Good times.

Anyway, I'm deciding to do tonight's posts in a series of individual posts, namely because I made a list of things to ramble about and I don't want to mix too many things up (and make one super-huge post nobody will read).

So, until the next post comes along...



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