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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Week Ago...

So, it turns out that (as I write this), exactly one week ago we were preparing to go and on our way to the hospital anticipating the forthcoming delivery of a child. It's kinda weird to think that it has already been a week!

I spent the better part of the day at work today, mostly getting caught up with various communications. I had put a few people off since last Tuesday, so it was about time to start really answering some messages. I had done some yesterday, but only the easy ones. :) I didn't really get loads of stuff accomplished, but I'm pretty well caught up with that stuff, which is a Good Thing.

Aside from that, I've pretty much been killing time -- taking advantage of being home a bit. I did a lot of looking around on Flickr last night, and have been doing plenty of Stumbling. It's kinda neat, but I'm not completely convinced I like the StumbleUpon bits yet (the randomness is cool, but their periodic ads for themselves and also the rating system I don't really like). I understand I have to teach it to find things I like (which is where the rating system up or down is nice), but yeah.

Anyway, it's about time to make some food. Then I'll probably be back to upload some pictures to Flickr. I invited Beth to have an account (the free variety) which she can then use to post comments and whatnot on the various pictures. That'll be cool -- she can be more involved with the public perception of the images.

Anyway, until next time...


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