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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We Have A Flickr Down!

For anyone who happens to follow both my ramblings here and also check frequently my pictures on Flickr, this is a simple PSA (that's Public Service Announcement for the uninitiated) to alert that I'm still alive, but Flickr was down for some scheduled maintenance during my normal daily upload time.

So, new pictures will have to come around tomorrow sometime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kirstin and I went for a ride today to see Beth at work. Mostly so I could pick up her office chair to bring back to my office (from where it originated). But also because Kirstin wasn't taking any sort of nap in the afternoon which was keeping me from getting anything else done. So it was a 'kill two birds with one stone' sort of thing.

It was a rainy and gloomy day today. Which is alright, except for the fact it was really humid outside. I didn't really realize how humid it had become until we got home from our little early afternoon jaunt around the countryside. But the little bit of rain was welcome; it's amazing how quickly some things perk up just a little bit to make it look nice outside again.

We've got the annual choir party tomorrow evening, so I made spaghetti salad tonight for it. I'd bought a pound of vermicelli for the pasta base (because it's easier to serve and eat with vermicelli instead of spaghetti). I didn't realize it until I opened the package, but it was mis-labeled. The package said vermicelli, but inside was actually fettuccine. Strange. I'd never had anything like that happen before. So I ended up using spaghetti anyway. That was about the extent of excitement for me today. :)

In other random news, I've not noticed the yard light doing its cycling bit lately. In fact, the last two nights I've not seen it go off at all (that doesn't mean it hasn't, though). But, the last night it was happening it seemed to be attached to a small power sag caused by something with a high draw in the house starting up (well pump, dryer, etc.). That said, I'm beginning to wonder if we weren't having a slight undervoltage situation from the power company for a while. My one UPS system here at home tells me all the time that it's recovered from an undervoltage. Well, not all the time, but it's not uncommon. So I wonder if it was just right so that when a high-draw unit came on it 'tripped' the ballast into resetting.

The only reason I've even come to think about this is that one night I noticed it happened right after I flushed the toilet (which that time caused the well pump to start). Another night I noticed it when I came up from the basement after starting the dryer. So, I'll have to watch it some more and try to further analyze it, but it would appear as though it's working as expected.

So anyway, I'm heading for bed. Until next time...



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