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Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24, 2007

And I thought a month without a post was bad?!?

Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I've not made a post or update here since November 20, 2006. I have remained very busy over the last few months. In particular...

  • We're in 2007 now!
  • One-Act 2007 came and went (we did a show called 'Deliver Us Not!')
  • Beth is now full-term and it would be considered normal for her to deliver any day now
  • Beth literally 'fell into' a new (full-time) teaching position (very cool).
  • Most pre-baby preparations are complete.

Of course, I'm leaving out many, many details. And that's part of the problem...

I have been meaning to post something here for nearly two months. The problem really centers in how much time it takes (or more particularly, how many steps are required) to post a note here. Don't get me wrong, it's really quite simple; it just takes time (and if I'm not in the mood to mess with the TWiki, it tends to not get done.

The moral of the story -- I need to simplify things in order to use them more frequently. This has been an ongoing thought of mine for some time (since last fall), but I never took any action on it. Until recently.

This is likely not going to be my last post via this medium, but it will likely be the last post via this medium with any content (aside from 'look here now for information'). I am going to keep the news archive here, and I will likely consolidate it (so all news items will show up on this page just as they do on the AllNewsPage?). But, come very soon (I may start some posts today), I will be using Blogger exclusively (unless it doesn't work out well, in which case I'll find another service or install a blogging mechanism here at

Furthermore, I am currently in the process of uploading the pictures I've got around here to my Flickr account. I haven't added a picture here for at least two years, and if I don't simplify it -- it's not going to happen for the next two years. With baby on its way, I need to come up with a better mechanism.

I am intending to use sort of a hybrid mechanism for managing this. I will likely set up sets of pictures on Flickr, then link to those sets from my pictures page here. The pictures then don't take up any room of my own for storage, and I can use Flickr/Blogger together to do some neat things. So this particular website isn't going away by any means -- it's just being redefined. As a side effect, it should be slightly more dynamic than it has been for some time (specifically in regards to the news posts and picture updates business).

So, stay posted -- I'll make some changes to the main news page (and also to the main pictures page) when the process is closer to completion. It should be an exciting time. The goal is to make more information and pictures available -- namely by simplifying the process. Also, I've finally signed up with, so I should be able to incorporate parts of that into the site as well.

Switch to Firefox and Thunderbird

Well, I'd been holding off on it as long as possible, but about a month ago I made the official switch from Netscape 7.2 to Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. They are essentially the same products (aside from brand name) in nature, but there was some hesitance from me to make such a major change (namely because I've got a lot of information (bookmarks, emails, addresses, etc.) from many years in one location and it'd be a shame to lose that). I had tried Firefox some time back (when it was in an early 1.0 version) and had some poor results with functionality and importing, so I was even more cautious.

I was much more impressed this time. Most everything imported without any question -- it went very smoothly. I have since been using the Mozilla products exclusively and have been very happy with them.

So Until Next Time...

...I'm going to get back to some of these transitions -- in a perfect world, I'll have completed them this weekend.

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