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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Weekend Approaches

You know, I've lately been dealing with a bit of writer's block when it comes to the old blog posting. Sometimes I get some reasonably lengthy bits out, but most of the time I just sit and think, and think, and think about what to write. I'm going to have to do something about that.

Anyway, I got home this afternoon and shortly thereafter went out to finish mowing the lawn. While I was out there, I noticed that the neighbor had some friends over and were attempting to re-attach the large barn door (which had been ripped from its hinges which are at the bottom of the door and about sixteen feet from the ground). They had three courses of scaffolding up, decking at the topmost level, and a six-foot A-frame ladder at the top of it all. It was quite a sight.

Long story short, I went over to shoot the breeze for a while shortly after I heard copious amounts of cheering coming from the top of the scaffold. It had been hoisted into place and secured back to the barn. Apparently they tried to use a four-wheeler yesterday and they underestimated the weight of the door. From what I understood, they had a four-wheeler suspended vertically from the floor joists of the second floor (hay loft) of the barn. I'm sure it would've been something to see, but they were about a foot short of reaching their goal (which wouldn't have been the case had the ATV been on the ground). So tonight they attached the other end of the cable to a 1/2 ton pickup, which is considerably heavier than the sport ATV they were using the day before.

So that was good times to watch for a few minutes. Never can tell what'll happen over there with those guys sometimes. :)

In other news, there really isn't any other news. I've managed to be a bit more productive at work lately, mostly because I don't have to sit and always answer the phone. This is a Good Thing. I don't mind dealing with the phone, but sometimes I just don't get anything else done because of it.

I put gas in both of the cars today -- eesh. It didn't quite cost $50 to fill the pickup, but it was damn close. $48-something. I guess that's what you get at $3.209 a gallon. Ah least a full tank of gas in my pickup lasts about two weeks, give or take. The car was less painful (but that's only because it has a smaller tank). It, too, lasts about two weeks (if we don't really make any trips anywhere).

So anyway, that's about all for the evening. I'm going to head for bed -- another night of peaceful sleep. :)

Until next time...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


After I picked this bit of rhubarb, I thought it
neat to set it next to some bright yellow
dandelions just for grins.
Well, I was obviously outside with the camera at some point today (hence the picture). It was a relatively cool day today, so it was surprising that I spent as much time outside as I did. In fact, I closed all but one window in the house because it was downright chilly until midday. It's supposed to warm up here in the next few days to more like average temperatures (low 70s), rather than the high of about 65 that we had today. It makes a difference. Currently says it's 46 outside; that's cool. Literally.

Anyway, supper tonight was once again the grilled hamburger and asparagus thing. We didn't do the baked beans tonight, but it was good to have the grill running a second night in a row. And asparagus is always good. Lord knows we have enough of it right now.

I didn't pick asparagus today at all. I figure I'll do that again tomorrow. Of my own personal stockpile (not including the stuff I've given away), the last two nights have reduced the stock by about half. So there's still plenty always ready to go in the fridge.

Today was the only day this week where Kirstin and I get to hang out by ourselves. Next week, however, seems to be a different story. I'll be at home with her three consecutive days. That's alright, seeing as how we do pretty well together. She's a good baby, so that makes things a little easier to handle.

Anyway, the yawns are starting to come more frequently now, so I'm heading for bed. As a random ending thought here tonight, I pose the observation that I've recently started receiving those 'wealthy Nigerian needs your bank account information so (s)he can send your share of $X Million for helping him/her through this trouble time' emails again. I hadn't received one of those for what seemed to be several years. In the last two weeks, I've probably noticed at least a dozen or two of them.

What's sad about this is that there must still be people that fall for this scheme. Of course, it's been so long since it was so highly prevalent that perhaps users forgot about it (or they're targeting a new generation of users). Who knows. But you'd think it'd be obvious. After all, if it sounds too good to be true... I'm not sure anyone would turn down $X Million for 'nothing'...but there's ALWAYS a catch to these things.

Until next time...


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Times

Happy Times
She's generally very smiley and happy at two times
during the day. One is right away in the morning
when she comes downstairs, and the other is right
after her bath (in the evening) when she gets
dressed. This was taken after her bath; she's so
Well, it's been a long day, but fairly productive day at the same time. I don't really have a lot of insightful things to say tonight, short of the fact that I do like to watch Frontline on PBS when I get a chance. They have some good material there. Tonight's episode was essentially about eavesdropping without a warrant and that whole business.

I managed to finally get a few things done at work today. It was amazing. Work actually begot work. Novel idea that is. As normal, though, it wasn't necessarily the stuff I'd intended to get done today, but it was progress nonetheless.

So tomorrow is my day at home this week with Kirstin, so I won't be at the office. I'm kinda looking forward to that, being at home. I'm not always overly productive, but it's good time to spend with Kirstin and doing medial tasks.

Anyway, seeing as how I really don't have anything more profound to say, I'm going to leave it at that for the evening and part. Until next time...


Monday, May 14, 2007

Two Months Ago...

It's almost hard to believe at times, but Kirstin is officially two months old as of today. Oddly enough, her two-month doctor visit happened to work out just right so as to be right on.

So, officially she weighs in at 11lbs, 7.5ozs. She's more or less tied with Felix on that one. He's near twelve pounds. At two months, that puts her in about the 85th percentile (so she's a big girl). Not bad. :)

She's 23 1/2 inches in height (around the 95th percentile) and has a head circumference of 15 3/4 inches (again, around the 95th percentile). So there's no shortage of growth and maintained largeness. :) What can I say -- she's a very healthy baby. Her doctor checkup went pretty well; all looks good and she's been cleared until she's at four months now.

Once that was done, we waited for the shot nurse to come by and share her goodness. :) Four shots, two in each leg. Beth got to be the comforter (at the head end), and I held down the legs. I probably had the more difficult job (because she's a strong little girl), but I won't try to compare. Many people say it's pretty difficult to watch them go through that, but Kirstin was a little trooper. She cried (a lot, don't get me wrong), but it got better as it went along. Fortunately, the nurse did two shots at the same time, so it was only two different 'events' and not four. Also, Kirstin was pretty tired at the time so the intense crying didn't last very long (a minute or two).

Of course, the half-dose of infant's tylenol before I brought her to the clinic worked to take a bit of the edge off as well. :) Good advice there. :)

When it was bath time tonight, I took the band-aids off of her injection sites. They're a little red, but look pretty good. They don't seem to be tender at all to her; she was crying more about the removal of the band-aids than anything. But all is good and the event wasn't too traumatic for anyone involved.

In other news, it was damn warm outside again today. I didn't switch on the A/C in the house today, although the thought certainly crossed my mind. Alas, by the time about 7:30 rolled around tonight, it was cooling down quite nicely outside. So it's supposed to be a bit below average for the next few days temperature wise...which will be nice. I like it when it's a bit cooler; seems more palatable all around.

I went and picked more asparagus today; came in with another good haul. I took a few pictures of the cleaned results of three days' worth of picking. They're over on Flickr. Quite a bit, but that's alright because I'll give some away and keep some for here.

Anyway, with all that said, I'm sure I could think of more things about which I could write. However, the tired bug has really overtaken me right now and I think I'm heading for bed. So, until next time...


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Very Tired Girl
When we got home, it was still quite warm outside
and she was stripped down to a diaper to chill
out for a while. It just so happened that she
fell asleep on Beth.
Well, it's been a good and long weekend. On Saturday, we went to visit Great Grandma Lilly (from whom the Lilly in Kirstin Lilly comes) for the first time. She doesn't leave town very often as she doesn't like to drive distances, so she'd not yet seen Kirstin.

So a good time was had there for a few hours in the early afternoon. Some pictures were taken and much in the way of conversation took place.

After that, we finished the jaunt to Mitchell, South Dakota. Our visit with Grandma Lilly happened to be about the halfway point in a particular route to our end destination, so it worked out quite well in that regard. Anyway, we got to Mitchell and checked into our hotel room and then headed over to Tom & Becki's house to grab something to eat and have some good old conversations. Again, much fun was had there.

So we spent our first night (the three of us) in a hotel room, which went pretty well actually. She was up once more in the middle of the night than normal, but aside from that it went pretty smoothly. That's a Good Thing. So anyway, this morning we then went to church for Benjamin's confirmation, after which we returned to the hotel, loaded up the car (and got changed), checked out and headed out to Tom & Becki's house again.

We spent a good portion of the day out there, until around 3 when we left for home. It's about a four-hour drive; perhaps just a bit longer (depends upon which way we go and stops, etc.). Kirstin was a really good passenger all weekend. The only time she really got mad was on our drive home, about an hour from home, when she got hungry and needed to be fed. Oddly enough, this sort of coincided with our hunger time, so it worked out without much delay.

We got home and have just been hanging out this evening. I gave Beth her Mother's Day present from Kirstin and I -- a dual picture frame with two custom-made pictures of Kirstin with a message. This way she's got something to keep at the school and can always see her little girl. She liked it. :)

Aside from that, not much different here aside from the fact it's been incredibly warm outside these last few days. Fortunately the lower (main) level of the house stays pretty cool when it's closed when we arrived home to a 90-degree temperature reading, it was only about 74 degrees inside.

This isn't supposed to last long, but even if it does, I have prepped the air conditioner for use so it's just a matter of switching the thermostat to cool mode and setting a temperature. I don't really anticipate using that just yet, but it's certainly there for the convenience factor.

Anyway, all that said, I'm yawning like a maniac, so I'm heading for bed. Kirstin has her two-month doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have a story from that to share. Until next time...

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