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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to Twenty Aught Eight!

Number 2,000!
She crawled right into the bathroom to check out what was going on tonight.

This is the 2,000th picture of Kirstin that I've taken (or has been taken with my camera, rather) in the photostream!
So a year has ended, and as a result begins another. I have been meaning to do some sort of pseudo wrap-up for 2007 for at least a week, but I've spent some time focused on other things during that time. This is how I manage to go for nearly two weeks without making a post here.

For starters, we spent two different (adjacent) weekends celebrating Christmas, with a few days at Christmas to spend here at home. It was a nice change, and also allowed me to be able to just hang around for a while...and not be busy. Even better.

2007 was ushered in as per the usual, with the exception that Beth was pregnant, so we had all of that fun stuff to deal with (baby preparations, having to tie her shoes, etc.). January also marked the last One-Act I did for RCW.

February was somewhat quiet, with the big exception of Beth's new teaching job which came up suddenly. I uploaded my first picture to Flickr (although I'd created an account in November of 2006) and started using this blog space in February as well.

And of course, little Kirstin Lilly arrived in March. And what an amazing time that was (and continues to be). She really has added an entirely new depth to life for us. And it's a Good Thing.

April brought a time of adjustment to this whole parenting thing. It is with great fortune I can say that Kirstin helped to make this process go quite smoothly.

May brought with it Beth's return to work to finish out the school year. It also brought a temporary babysitter (Jill) for those few weeks and my birthday (number 27).

June marked both Beth's birthday (number 25) and our anniversary (five years). It hardly seems as though it can already have been five years, but a most excellent five years its been. :)

July was the month during which I created (thanks to Erik's assistance) a large hole in the basement floor (for a sump basin) and a doorway into the cistern. These were two projects that were really nice to have completed, and they turned out pretty good to boot!

August brought SPAMALOT to the Ordway Center and, of course, an obligatory viewing for Beth and I. It was a most excellent production, and I would highly encourage anyone interested in Monty Python to check it out! August also was the month when I celebrated ten years of MZ Online (dot com). This was marked by a complete redesign and refocus of my main web presence.

September was a quiet month; a welcome change from the ever-busy summertime.

October was a month of change. I managed to do a few things I'd not done in some time (namely hang around in a tractor) or ever before. In many ways, October was a month of reflection and thought. This is partially due to the amount of time I spent in a tractor, and was incredibly therapeutic.

November brought the anticipation of the forthcoming holiday business. That, and Thanksgiving! :) Oh, and I posted the 3,000th picture to Flickr in November!

And finally, December. The magical month of the year. A time of celebration, hustle, and bustle. But most importantly, a time to spend with family and friends...both of which took place for us during this time. It also brought Kirstin's first Christmas, a series of events that was really magical. If not for her (yet), certainly for us.

So I hope that anyone who may stumble across this also had a pleasant 2007, and best wishes for an even better 2008.

A few numerical things to note in 2007:

+ Over 3,500 pictures I've now posted to Flickr!
+ Kirstin spent 293 days outside the womb.
+ I made 265 posts to the blog in 2007; more than all the years combined (since 2002) that I've been writing about myself online.

A few things I'd like to accomplish in 2008:

+ Being more diligent about finding good material to write about in this forum and actually doing it better.
+ Finishing up some projects I've either started or intended to start for some time.
+ Being more organized. This may seem a joke to anyone that really knows me, but I have one spot at home (my desk) that needs serious help.
+ Focusing more attention on things that actually matter. :)
+ Pursuing different angles of attack for problematic or troublesome situations.

So, with all of that said, I bid thee adieu -- at least for right now.

Until next time...
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


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