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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Number Two

A Vintage Look
I was playing around with this image a bit and decided I liked how this looks. I get a very '1958' feel out of this; the faded and maroon-ish look to anything red in color.

For reference purposes, here's the original image.

Another one nicely Viewed On Black.
Of 2008, that is. :)

Things have been busy and somewhat chaotic so far this year, but there are signs that this too will slow down. Hopefully sooner than later. :)

I managed to finally (after three years of having the core equipment) finish wiring a portion of the house (namely the upstairs rooms (minus one more set of cables that need to be run at some point to the North side of Kirstin's room), the office, and the living room) for voice, video, and data. The wire had been pulled by last summer/fall and was terminated (in each room) shortly thereafter. There remained, however, a huge mass of coiled wires in the basement.

Until a few weeks before Christmas.

Anyway, I finished terminating wires at the structured media enclosure (the box) on Saturday. So what's now pulled and terminated is (or can be, rather) 'live' at any time necessary. The voice termination I managed to do before Christmas; the data and video stuff was this past weekend.

So the basement looks much nicer (since the cables are all nicely strapped up), and my life seems somewhat happier as a result. One project finished...

I still need to sit down (perhaps tomorrow, we'll see) and do my year-end filing and processing. Consolidation is probably a better word, but it's something I normally do in January...usually to clear out some room in the file cabinet. :)

In other news, I've just been shot this weekend. I suppose it's 'catch up' time from the last month or so, but I was completely devoid of much ambition for most of this weekend. Although I did fix the electric wok only to break it again (in a different way). So the old electric wok is now officially dead. For good.

This meant we needed to season the new non-electric ('analog' for lack of a better term) wok we got for Christmas. Hooray! After taking some time to prepare it, we used it for the first time tonight. And it was good. :)

So anyway, seeing as how it's getting to be late and I'm running out of great things to write about, I'm going to call it a night!

So until next time...
"Maybe this world is another planet's Hell."
- Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)


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