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Saturday, March 22, 2008

11 Inches?

'White' At The End Of The Tunnel
It was still coming down quite a bit at 9:30 this morning, but the temperature wasn't condusive to much more accumulation by that time (it was above freezing again).
Okay, so I know we got a load of snow dumped on us on Thursday/Friday, but 11 inches? Seems a bit much to me.

From the best I could tell, I figured our yard received somewhere in the eight inch range. Officially, however, in town (according to this story) 11 inches was reported. Seeing as how that's about three miles (as the crow flies) away, I guess we got closer to a foot.

Shows me for not taking a yardstick with me...

I also would like to know who is in charge of taking the snowfall measurement in Donnelly. I may have to ask around.

I've been meaning to post something here for the better part of the last week, but I instead decided to take it a little easy and relax. Or something like that. More realistically, I'm in that adjustment period of starting a new job, which officially happened on Monday (the 17th).

It's been a pretty good transition so far. I enjoy being back in the various University circles. While I'm not directly dealing with people I used to (back in the student days), most of the people I knew are still there, so it's a lot of fun to catch up and be relatively familiar with the ways in which things work in that sort of environment.

At any rate, I had my first official University-paid holiday already -- Friday. I'd have preferred it to be on Monday, but that's neither here nor there. My new computer finally arrived on Thursday afternoon, which was very cool. I think I'm going to come out with a sunburn (from the large dual monitor setup), but I guess that's one of the risks or occupational hazards. :) I'll deal with it.

So enough about that. I've been playing a lot with the new camera, and it's a blast! And oddly enough, I actually used all three cameras yesterday -- in the same 12-hour period. I recorded and captured some video of Kirstin dancing and being silly, used the new camera for snow/dog/cat/Kirstin pictures, and used the old camera to take reference pictures of Beth's keyboard before she popped all the keys off to do a thorough cleaning.

Short of that, I've just been hanging around. Installed the upgraded satellite modem yesterday, which was a relatively painless operation (for me), but I could see where it may easily be a daunting thing for the average user.

Today, I'm pretty much going through old pictures I had digitally re-developed from the Germany trip in 1998. I uploaded a bunch of random pictures to Flickr last night that I'd been putting off for several weeks (due to time issues), so now I can attack the German trip pictures. That likely won't happen today, but if I get them all ready and ordered properly, the process can be done in bits (rather than one large chunk) over time. Remember -- work smarter, not harder. :)

And so that's that. Seeing as it's nearly 1:30 now and I've not had lunch, my next task is to find some lunch. It'll be great.

Since I likely won't post anything now until after Easter, Happy Easter!

Until next time...
"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go."
- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)


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